4 Reasons why you should visit Central Park in New York!

4 Reasons why you should visit Central Park in New York!

If you are visiting New York during your USA holiday, you should definitely visit the famous Central Park of course. The park was opened in 1857, and its current size is 843 acres. The park has much to offer, and we will list 4 of the best reasons why you should visit it.

1) One of the most iconic places in New York, has to be the Loeb Boathouse, which was established in 1954. The boathouse is located at East 72nd Street and Park Drive North, and has an amazing view of the lake in Central Park. This makes  the Lakeside restaurant, which is located in the boathouse, the only restaurant in New York, located at a lake. Its the perfect location for a nice breakfast or lunch, a romantic dinner, a wedding party, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or corporate event in spectacular fashion. The dinner menu consists of fish, meat and vegetables, and you can read the entire menu by clicking here. You can also enjoy a few drinks in the outside bar, which is seasonal and open pending weather.

Loeb Boathouse in Central Park by night

The boathouse is most famous of course for its rowboats, which you can rent between April and November. They only accept cash money, so make sure you have that available. They have a fleet of 100 rowboats for you to choose from, and they will provide you with life jackets if needed. If the weather is good, you can also enjoy a romantic gondola tour with a host. Just make sure you reserve this on time!

Romantic boat outing at Central Park Lake

If you want to burn some calories during your stay at New York, you could also rent a bike at the Boathouse, but you can only use them in Central Park from 10 am, till 6 pm. They rent out Cruisers, 21-speeds, and children’s bicycles on a first come, first serve basis, so make sure you arrive early.

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2)Another fun thing to do with your family in Central Park, is visiting the Central Park Zoo, which is located at 64th Street & 5th Avenue. The Zoo is divided up into several exhibitions, where you can get up close with the wild animals. They have Penguins, Snakes, Bears, Pandas, Sea Birds, Tropical Birds, Sea Lions, Seals, and Snow Leopards, so lots for you to see! They also have a small Children’s zoo, where you can see Goats, Pigs, Sheep, and Ducks.

Snow Leopard at Central Park Zoo

The Zoo can also provide you with a guided tour, so you can learn more about the animals and exhibits, so this is great for school classes. Just make sure you make a reservation for the guided tours. You can also watch the feeding of some of the animals, like the Penguins and Sea Lions. Or how about joining a scavenger hunt around the zoo to find your favorite animals. Whatever you want to do during your stay in the Zoo, we are sure you will enjoy your time there! Check out the map of the Zoo by clicking here.

3)If you want to relax for a day at a pool, you really have to visit the Lasker Pool, which serves as an Ice Skate Rink(Lasker Rink) during the winter. The pool is located at 110th Street & Lenox Avenue, and is adjacent to Harlem Meer. It’s actually 2 pools into 1. There is the small wading pool, and the Olympic size pool. There are several rules you need to watch out for, before you go to the pool, so make sure you know them before you go to the pool. This is a quote from their own website.

What Not to Bring

You’ll need to leave food, glass bottles, electronic devices, and newspapers at home. Unbound periodicals tend to blow around and create litter, food can be messy to clean up after, and there’s too much water around to make sure your electronics stay safe. Just to be on the safe side, we also recommend leaving valuables like jewelry and credit cards at home.

What to Wear

You’ll need to have a swimsuit to enter the pool area. We may choose to check men’s shorts for a lining if we can’t tell if they are wearing a bathing suit. Feel the need to cover up from the sun? Throw on a plain white shirt or white hat and you’re set. We don’t allow shirts with colors on them on the deck.

Lasker Pool at Central Park

During the winter, the Lasker Pool is transformed into the Lasker Rink from late October till March. Its divided into two oval rinks during this time. One is open for everyone, and the other is open for school hockey teams. You can even hold events during this period, like a holiday party, or corporate outing. Just check their website for more information, by clicking here.

Lasker Rink in Central Park

4) Last but not least, we want to let you know that you can also visit the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is located at 1000 5th Ave, which is on the east side of Central Park. The Museum, is one of the biggest and most important Art museums in the world today. The Art collections are truly amazing, and the museum is also famous for its exhibitions, and the study and preservation of the objects. Because there is so much to tell about the museum, it’s impossible to do this in a short post, so we will direct you to their website where you can learn more about the museum, and its exhibitions.  You won’t regret visiting this museum, is all we can tell you!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art entrance

If you are looking for a romantic restaurant in New York, make sure you check out our “The 5 best romantic restaurants in NYC” post! We hope you liked the list, and let us know in the comments, if you liked visiting Central Park during your holiday!


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