5 Of the Best Bars in San Francisco!

5 Of the Best Bars in San Francisco!

Are you staying in San Francisco during your USA holiday, or are you a local resident looking for a nice bar to hang out in with your friends? Well look no further, because we created a small list of some of the best bars in San Francisco. We hope you enjoy this list, and we hope you get to enjoy an amazing time with your friends, or partner! Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed your stay at one of the bars, and feel free to share this post with your friends!

1) If you are looking for the best Blues Bar of the Bay Area, you should definitely visit The Saloon, which is located at 1232 Grant Ave. It has been around since 1861, making it one of the oldest bar in San Francisco, and it still has an authentic look. Besides blues, its also a great dive bar if you are into Jazz music. During the weekends, you can enjoy live music, and during the week you can listen to your favorite music from the Jukebox. You can only pay with cash at the bar, so keep that in mind when you go there! The bar is opened each day from 12:00 till 01:30

Live music at the Saloon in San Francisco

2) For a good Tiki bar with a pirates theme, you should really visit the Smugglers Cove Bar, which is located at 650 Gough Street. The atmosphere in the bar is really good, with excellent service. They serve 500 kinds of rum from all over the world, featuring a vast array of historic concoctions, traditional Caribbean drinks, classic libations of Prohibition-era Havana, and famous exotic cocktails from legendary Tiki bars. You can join the Rumbustion Society, which offers a unique opportunity to sample over 500 rums from countries around the world. The Society consists of 3 levels.

level 1
At the first level you get to try out 20 kinds of rum to learn about the main styles and flavor profiles. You will also learn about the background of the rum, like the country of origin. And you will receive noted about the rums you tried. At the end you have to pass a quiz, where you have to prove your knowledge about the tested rums. If you pass, you become a Disciple of the cove.

Level 2
At the second level you get to try out an additional 80 rums out of the large collection of available rums, and the bar will keep track of all the rums you tasted until you have tasted 80. You will then become a Guardian of the Cove. You will also get a certificate of completion, merit badge, and your name will forever be emblazoned on the walls of Smuggler’s Cove.

Level 3
At the third level you need to taste an additional 200 rums, including special rums from the vault of rare and vintage rums. After completion, you will become Master of the Cove, which offers you the chance to visit a distillery on a private trip, with the owner of the Smugglers Cove, and other Masters.

The bar is opened each day from 17:00 till 01:15

Smugglers Cove bar San Francisco

3) Another great bar to visit, is the Vesuvio Cafe, which is located at 255 Columbus Avenue and has been around since 1948. It’s like going back in time as you enter the bar, with old photographs and paintings on the walls. The decor and atmosphere are truly amazing, and it still has the Beat Generation feel to it. It has 2 floors, and while enjoying a drink on the second floor you have a good view on Columbus Avenue. They don’t serve food here, but you can bring your own food (BYOF). Because it’s situated right across from the infamous City Lights Bookstore, you will see some customers reading a book at one of the tables. The bar is opened each day from 17:00 till 02:00

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Vesuvio Cafe San Francisco

4) For a Victorian style cocktail saloon, you should really visit the Elixir, which is located at 3200 16th street and has been around since 1858. The decor is great, and the bartenders really know how to make a good cocktail. The bar has several weekly events.

Sundays – Game night. Bring your friends for classic board games, while also enjoy happy hour.
Mondays – Bingo night. Try your luck with some old school bingo, and win some fun prizes!
Tuesdays – Quiz night. Play some fun quizzes, and win booze!
Wednesdays – Wanna try your hand at bar tending? Support charity and become a bartender for one night, to help your favorite cause!
Thursdays – Cocktail night. Learn all about making cocktails, and the culture behind the cocktail.

The bar is opened each day till 02:00. On weekdays it opens its doors at 15:00, on Saturday at 12:00, and on Sunday at 10:00

Elixir San Francisco

5) If you want to smoke a good cigar with your drink, be sure to visit the Occidental Cigar Club, which is located at 471 Pine Street. They offer a wide range of cigars to choose from, so you don’t have to bring your own cigars :). You can bring your own cigars, but this means that you have to pay a cutting fee. The place is rather small, but the atmosphere is great. You can charge your phone at the bar while enjoying a nice cigar in one hand, and a good whiskey or bourbon in the other. The owners (all co owners are bartenders, due to the law) really know their stuff about sticks (Cigars), so they can help you out picking a good cigar to match with your drink. They don’t serve food, but you can order food from any nearby restaurant, and have it delivered inside. The bar is opened each day from 12:00 till 01:00

Occidental Cigar Club San Francisco

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