7 Things to Do and See on Santorini Island, Greece

7 Things to Do and See on Santorini Island, Greece

Are you staying on the island Santorini, during your Greece Holiday and are you looking for things to see and do, during your stay there? Especially for you we created a list of 7 things to do and see, which we hope you will like to improve your stay there. If you like the list, feel free to comment, like and share this article!

Oia, Santorini, Greece

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1) Ancient Thera, which dates back to 300 to 145 BC, is located on the Mesa Vouna near the village of Kamari, and it is a great attraction on Santorini Island where you can travel to by rental car, scooter, daytrip or on foot. If you go on foot, make sure you bring enough liquids for you to drink, because the climb upto the hill can be quite daunting.
At Ancient Thera, you will find the remains of a church, temples, houses, baths, cemeteries, theaters etc. Everything is marked with signs that tell you what you are looking at. The old houses and a large part of the cemeteries were excavated by German archaeologists between 1895 and 1902, while the cemeteries have been excavated in the northeast and northwest by the archaeologist Zapheiropoulos between 1961 and 1982. If the old ruins won’t excite you, the view from Ancient Thera on Kamari and Perissa is absolutely amazing. Ancient Thera is open every day; except Mondays. The opening hours are between 08:30 am and 14:30 pm and admission is just a small fee.

Ancient Thera Ruins

2) Skaros was once one of the five Venetian fortresses on Santorini and arguably the most important one. It was also the capital of Santorini until the early 18th century. Although it is believed that the exodus began in the 17th century, as more and more people started to settle in Fira, which was located much closer to the sea, and thus better for trade.
After several devastating earthquakes, only the “rock” remained with almost no trace of the former settlement. You can reach Skaros on foot from Imerovigli Skaros, but please be aware that there are a lot of stairs. Three hundred steps down to the foot of Skaros and then another two hundred up to the Theoskepasti church.
When you arrive at the church you have an incredible view of the caldera, which makes the walk worthwhile. Remember to bring plenty of fluids on your trip, and make sure you wear good shoes and suntan lotion.

Skaros Rock

3) The Faros lighthouse of Santorini was built in 1892 at Akrotiri, and is located at the extreme southwest of the island. It is located on the top of a high cliff from which you have an amazing view of the islands Aspro Nisi, Palaia Kameni, Nea Kameni and Thirasia.
The square tower stands 10 meters above the guard house, and the lighthouse is automatic and flashes every 10 seconds since 1988. You can not enter the lighthouse, but in the evening it is a wonderful alternative to watching the sunset.
To drive to the Faros lighthouse, you have to follow the road from Fira towards Athinos and Akrotiri. At the last intersection you need to follow the road towards Faros lighthouse, and after approximately 2.5 kilometers you will reach it.

The Faros Lighthouse

 4) Oia is a picturesque village at the north part of the island of Santorini, twelve kilometers northwest of the capital Fira. Besides the beautifully painted houses, whitewashed narrow lanes with souvenir shops, bars, cafes and taverns, you also have an amazing view of the caldera.
The village lies more than 300 meters high on top of the colorful rocks of the volcano and is one of the most photographed spots of Santorini. Specially during sunset, you will see thousands of people gather on the balconies and terraces to admire and photograph this event.
Oia is also famous for its houses that are dug into the rock, like cave houses that you will only see on Santorini. Its also worthwhile to visit the Maritime Museum of the village. From Oia you can walk down steps to the Armeni beach which has a restaurant with a terrace and several luxury tourist shops and mini markets.

5) On the island Nea Kameni just off the coast of Santorini, you will find the hot springs, and you can visit them on a boat excursion from Fira. The boat takes you to the island where you can bathe in the hot springs, or where you can also enjoy a mud bath.
During your half day tour at Nea Kameni and the smaller island Palia Kameni, you can explore multiple springs which are often located along the coast. The cost for a trip to the hot springs is approximately 20 euros per person(2015). Not all springs can be reached by boat, which means you have to swim to those if you want to. You can also visit the crater and cone of the volcano on Nea Kameni during your tour. Just make sure you bring water and wear good hiking shoes!

Hot Springs Santorini

6) Akrotiri is an important and impressive archaeological site on the island of Santorini, which was preserved by the volcanic ash from the eruption in 1613 BC. Akrotiri was the original port of Santorini, and was a prominent port in the Aegean area in the 5th century BC. In the 3rd century BC, the port was still an important trading place, and during the Middle Bronze Age from 2100 to 1650 BC, Akrotiri was important for trade in copper between Crete and Cyprus.
Akrotiri is one of the most amazing archaeological sites of the area in the Aegean Sea. The total area is 12,000 square meters and the deepest point is 12 meters excavated. Of the total of 35 different buildings, only four are fully studied. The community was highly developed in view of the sanitary facilities in houses, household tools and paintings found on the walls of the houses. The many different objects found, demonstrate the international contacts Santorini had with mainland Greece, Crete and also with countries like Syria and Egypt. Just remember that the site is closed on Mondays!

Akrotiri Santorini

7) The village Emporio lies in the southeast of Santorini, and it has nearly 2000 inhabitants. In Emporio you can see several beautiful churches with blue domes and bell towers, and a dilapidated Turkish fortress in the form of a square. This fort is called Goulas and it was built to protect against pirate attacks, and was once used to house the treasures of the monastery of Patmos.
You can also see the remains of an old Venetian fortress that once stood in the village. Emporio has many narrow streets with taverns, shops and various accommodations, and its close to the windmills of Myloi which can be seen on the ridge of the hill.

Emporio Santorini

We hope you like this list, and that you enjoy your holiday on Santorini


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