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Especially for you we have looked at several travel agencies offering superb holidays to the most beautiful places in Africa where you can be pampered, or where you can decide for yourself how your trip is going to look.

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North Africa means traveling like you are in the Middle East. In Morocco in the Medina of Fez you can travel 400 years back in time, in Egypt you can enjoy a beautiful Nile cruise or visit the pyramids, and in Tunisia you can enjoy a beautiful beach holiday at a very economical price. You can also book nice tours to Libya where you can travel through the vast Sahara.

East Africa covers a large area where you can take a tour, safari or enjoy a beautiful beach holiday. The countries where you can enjoy beautiful safaris in this area are Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. Kenya and Tanzania (Zanzibar) offer extraordinarily beautiful hotels along the most beautiful beaches. Furthermore Mauritius, Mozambique and Seychelles also offer beautiful white beaches. Other beautiful countries for amazing tours in East Africa include: Ethiopia and Madagascar.
Best Safari AfricaWest Africa has an enormous diversity of cultures, people and landscapes. You can see Tuareg on their camels at the edge of the Sahara, you can walk through the dense rain forests, walk around in colorful markets or relax on the beautiful beaches. The landscapes range from majestic mountains in the land of the Dogon in Mali, the lagoons on the coast of Ghana, dry savannas in Burkina Faso, to the densely forested hills in Togo. In Gambia and the Cape Verde Islands, you can enjoy the most beautiful beach holidays in this part of Africa. You can also find cheap flights to lesser known destinations like Benin and Senegal.
Cheap Holiday Tour AfricaSouthern Africa should not be confused with South Africa which is only one country in this region. However, South Africa with its many sights and safaris is the most touristic country in this region. But you can also enjoy a beautiful safari in Botswana, Namibia and Zambia.

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