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Looking for cheap flights? At JPR Travel you are at the right place to book cheap airline tickets, because we offer you the simple choice between multiple travel agencies. You can compare many airlines (incl. Air France, Iberia, KLM and Emirates Airlines), and within a few minutes you can book cheap flights to your holiday or business destination. Also, don’t forget to look at the very last minute cheap flight deals on the websites, because that can save you a lot of money!

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Cheap Airline Tickets

Cheap Airline Tickets

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Business class – This is the intermediate class that sometimes replaces the first class on flights. Compared to economy you have more legroom and you have no more than one seat next to you. The seats themselves are bigger, more luxurious and farther apart (about 1.5 m compared to 75 centimeters in economy class). Usually you pay for business class tickets double the price compared to economy class tickets. Especially for tall people business class is a godsend, because the leg room in economy class is often limited.

Charter flights – These flights are operated by a charter airline. These are flights that are not operated on a fixed schedule. One or more customers, let a group of people travel together. The customers of charter companies are usually companies that sell complete holiday packages to sunny tourist destinations, including airfare and hotel. Other companies and sports teams like to transport a group in an economical way, using charter companies.
To keep prices low, charter airlines like to fly with full planes and often provide less service than traditional airlines. Charter airlines fly frequently from smaller airports and from airports in countries that are often not reached by scheduled services.
Larger charter companies nowadays fly sometimes on a fixed schedule, and sometimes they even sell individual tickets to the public.

Economy Class – For passenger aircrafts, there are traditionally three classes: economy, business and first class. However, the first class is almost abolished in the short-haul, so business class is now usually the highest class. Most people automatically reserve a ticket in economy class. They know that it is cheaper than business class and first class. But be careful if you buy your ticket at the above airlines and ticket agencies, because you might buy a much more expensive ticket for business class.

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First Class – First class is the most expensive class in a plane and is physically separated from the economy class and business class. First class is in the front of the aircraft. On long-distance flights, prices can get very high, but you’ll get much in return, such as your own lounge, separate luxury seats, separate check-in desk, a private flat, wireless internet, champagne or other drinks and much more. At some of the above mentioned travel agencies you can book these first class airline tickets.

Low Cost Airlines (such as Easyjet, Click Air and Transavia) are airlines flying to the demand of the consumer. The more demand there is, the more flights will go there. These airlines have the advantage that they can pretend to be “cheaper airlines” but in theory the prices of the tickets will do not differ greatly.

Scheduled Flights – A scheduled flight departs according to a fixed schedule and is carried by scheduled airlines. Examples of scheduled airlines are, Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, US Airways, Aer Lingus and Singapore Airlines. These airlines fly you directly or with one or more stops to all destinations around the world. The base rates of scheduled flights are excluding supplements, such as airport taxes, fuel surcharges and booking fees.

Tips for choosing your tickets:

Check the date and time.
Can the seat be booked in advance?
Can you check in via the Internet?
How much luggage can you take with you?
At what time do you need to be at the airport?
Are meals served on board, during the flight?

Now that you have read all of our information and tips, you can buy a ticket to your destination with confidence at any of the above mentioned travel agencies. We at JPR Travel wish you a good flight!

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