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Albania Holidays – Albania is a still relatively unknown vacation destination in Europe, but offers a lot for sun lovers and lovers of culture and history. Below you will find various cheap holiday travel agencies for your beach holiday and holiday tours in Albania. You can also find some cheap airline tickets for your holiday or business trip to Tirana.

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Beach Holiday – At the Ionian Sea, you can find the pretty seaside town of Sarandë (Saranda) and at the Adriatic Sea you will find many seaside resorts in Vlorë (Vlora) and Durrës with its Roman amphitheater and the Venetian tower.

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Excursions – Albania is not a large country and therefore you can make easy excursions throughout the country. With Albania’s turbulent past, there are numerous interesting places from all sorts of periods for you to visit. The towns and villages make a desolate impression at first glance, but you can see interesting structures from the various culture periods. In the Albanian cities the old Ottoman core is mostly preserved; Like in Berat and Gjirokaster. The mountain villages have a special character with their stone houses. This construction is very different from the villages on the coast.
In Albania there are many antique fortresses from different historical periods that have been preserved. Besides that, there are many churches, monasteries and fortresses from the Byzantine period. From the time of the Ottomans you can still see mosques and Koranic schools. A strong presence in the landscape of Albania are the so-called ‘mushrooms’. These are gun turrets from the Communist time.

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Tour – Albania is a perfect country for a trip by car or by bus. You can visit the medieval mountain village of Kruja. Here the museum from the Albanian hero Skanderbeg is located within its historic city walls. You can enjoy a walk through the 2500 year-old town of Berat with its many churches, ancient city walls and the Onufri museum which is located in one of the churches. You should really pay a visit to the UNESCO-protected town of Gjirokaster. Here among other things the birth House of the legendary Communist leader Enver Hoxha, a castle and the weapons museum are located.
You should also visit the archaeological park of Butrint, which is one of the most beautiful places on the World Heritage list of UNESCO. Even if you are not into culture, this is very interesting, because you have a beautiful view from the hill, far across the border with Greece and nearby Corfu. You can enjoy a nice walk through Roman and Greek time and visit the Temple of Asclepius, the ancient theatre, the Roman bath house, the cemetery and the museum. Of course, a visit to the capital Tirana must be on your list of places to see while in Albania. The national historical museum gives a good overview of the development of the country. Very impressive is the section on the period from the Communist era. A visit to ‘Blloku Area’ is also a must-see. This used to be a prohibited area, but has now a hip and happening nightlife area. Combine your holiday to Albania with a visit to the neighboring countries Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro.

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