Amalienborg Palace Copenhagen, Denmark

Amalienborg Palace Copenhagen, Denmark

The Amalienborg Palace in the center of Copenhagen was designed in the eighteenth century by the court architect Nicolai Eigtved. In 1794, the palace became the residence of the royal family after the Christiansborg had gone up in flames.

The Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen Denmark

Queen Margrethe II lives in the Christian IX palace on the southeast side of the Amalienborg. She was born in April 1940 in Copenhagen, the first child of King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid. Before Margrethe could ascend to the throne, they had to alter the Danish succession law first, which stated that the succession had to go through the male line. After a referendum, the so-called Salic law was abolished and Margrethe could call herself, Crown Princess of Denmark.

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Margrethe married the Frenchman Henry (Henri) de Laborde, Count of Monpezat, on june 10th, 1967 at the Church of Holmen. They have two children: Prince Frederick (1968) and Prince Joachim (1969). After the death of Frederik IX in 1972, Margrethe succeeded him as Queen Margrethe II. Margrethe is the godmother of the Dutch King Willem-Alexander.

Wedding Princess Margrethe of Denmark and Henry de Laborde, Count of Monpezat

The Queen is guarded by soldiers in traditional uniforms. Every day the guards from the palace changes at 12:00. At that time, busloads of tourists come to the square of the Amalienborg Palace to see the changing of the guards. Some police officers keep the photographing crowd at bay, with simple arm movements. When the royal family is present at the Amalienborg Palace, the changing of the guard is extended. The guards now start at half past eleven with a march from the Rosenborg Barracks through the city. The changing of the guards is slow, with little action. For a long time, the standing and the coming guards, are opposed to each other. At around twelve-thirty, when the guards leave the square, most tourists have already disappeared.

Amalienborg Palace Guards

Crown Prince Frederik resides in the Christian VIII Palace, where the Royal Museum is also located. In this museum you can learn all about the Danish royal family, but only if you master the Danish language. For tourists there are several English translations here and there. There is however much to see, so we still recommend you to visit the museum, even if you do not speak Danish. Some private rooms of former monarchs are open to the public and show paintings and several family pieces such as pipes, slippers, jewelry and clothing.

Amalienborg Palace museum

In one of the museum halls, you can see some of the distinctive royal clothes of Queen Margrethe II, shown on mannequins. In addition, the curator placed large pictures of official events, showing the queen wearing the dress, depicted by the mannequin.

Royal dresses in Amalienborg Palace Museum

Make sure you check out the opening hours, before you plan a trip to the museum! Want to travel to Denmark to visit the castle in person? Check out our Denmark Holidays page, and book your next holiday to Denmark safe and secure online.

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