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The small tax-free state of Andorra is a principality. It is located in the Pyrenees on the border between France and Spain. The country consists of only a few valleys totaling 468 square kilometers that lie between the impressive mountains, and the country has a vibrant history. In the principality you will find beautiful mountains (up to 3000 m high) where you can go for a nice long walk in the summer, and descent down the slopes on skis, or snowboard in the winter. Andorra is also very popular for its excellent cheap shopping opportunities. So check out the below listed travel agencies and book your holiday to Andorra, easily and safely online!

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Car Rentals – Andorra is a land of contrasts, as it is the highest state of Europe. And it is also one of the smallest states in Europe (468 km²). It lies in the heart of the Pyrenees between Spain and France. You can get there from France following the Port d’Envalira, the highest pass in the Pyrenees, or you can drive through a long tunnel. You arrive in a valley full of billboards touting booze and cigarettes. It is indeed a bargain paradise. Nine million tourists annually benefit from it. Behind the billboards begins beautiful mountainous nature with excellent winter sports facilities.

Coach Holidays – Besides the beautiful nature, Andorra’s medieval history has left behind extraordinary traces, especially in Romanesque art. Visit the beautiful churches, monuments and picturesque villages and relive history. It has much to offer for every welcomed guest!

Shopping and Skiing in Andorra

In addition it is also a tax haven. Ideal for anyone who loves shopping. Many products are favorably priced; Such as jewelry, eyewear, perfumes, cosmetics, sporting goods, antiques, electronics, model building, special food, clothing and much more. These competitive prices are especially low due to the low tax rate. So take out your credit card and visit some of the 3,000 stores that it has to offer!

Wintersports Andorra

Andorra la Vella is the capital. The city is beautifully situated in the valley of three rivers. The “Valira” Valira del Nord, Valira d’Orient and Gran Valira, surrounded by high mountain peaks. Andorra has a total of more than 65 peaks over 2000 meters. Several of these (snow) peaks are located directly adjacent to the valley of Andorra la Vella. During a visit to the city we suggest you definitely take a walk through the “Barri Antic”, traditionally the heart of the city. Narrow streets and picturesque stone cottages still determine the atmosphere here.

Ski & Snowboard Holidays – Almost every town inside Andorra is also a ski & snowboard village. The slopes and ski lifts are well maintained each year. During the week-ends and the peak weeks, there are increasingly more waiting times at the modern ski lifts. On the plus side, the Andorese ski villages offer much to do in the evenings. It’s all pretty hip so snowboarders and free riders will feel right at home.

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