Atomium Brussels, Belgium

Atomium Brussels, Belgium

The Atomium, is an international tourist attraction. This unique piece of architecture for the Brussels World Fair (Expo 58) is today the Europe’s capital most popular attraction. The Atomium was designed by André Waterkeyn for the Universal Exhibition of 1958. The monument at the Heysel district symbolizes an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times. The Atomium refers to the force of atomic energy which was being developed in the 50’s.

Outside view Atomium Brussels

During the construction of the Atomium, it was thought that the the monument would last no longer than the Expo 58 itself. However, the bulbs are more than 50 years later, still a landmark of the Brussels skyline. The pavilion was the only new element added to the Atomium during a major renovation that was finished in 2006. The pavilion houses the new ticket windows and a souvenir shop.

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Inside one leg of the Atomium in Brussels

In 1958 the philosophy surrounding the structure was as follows: the Atomium incarnates the daring of that era, where scientific discoveries will change the fate of Mankind. Even today, the Atomium is still about showing ideas about the shape of the future, although the program of exhibitions in the spheres was written up in 1958.

Inside the Atomium in Brussels

Today, five of the nine spheres are open to the public, and in one of them is a permanent exhibition on Expo 58. Another sphere is dedicated to temporary exhibitions with different themes. The panorama in the upper sphere offers spectacular views over Brussels. On a clear day the view extends as far as Antwerp. The restaurant at the top, is open every day until 11 o’clock at night. The 2970 flashing lights at the outside of the nine spheres, give a magical and spectacular view during the night.

Atomium at Night

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