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The 700 islands of the Bahamas all possess romantic palm beaches. Sun, sea and sand are the biggest tourist attractions, but is certainly not the only thing the archipelago has to offer. The Bahamas are surrounded by coral and a fascinating underwater world. Lovers of diving, snorkeling and fishing will certainly not be bored. Below are the best travel agencies for your dream holiday in the Bahamas.

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Airline Tickets – The above mentioned travel agencies offer very attractive rates for flights to the Bahamas. The Bahamas is a destination where you can take a wonderful trip by car on one of the islands. Island hopping is obviously a possibity too. Many travel agencies on our website are experts in the field of discounted airfares.

Beach Holiday – The Bahamas is actually one big beach. Almost all islands have beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal clear water. The water temperature never comes below twenty degrees Celsius. Some of the best known holiday beaches are: Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island in New Providence, Cable Beach in Nassau on New Providence, Pink Sands on Harbour Island in Eleuthera and the beaches of Conception Island in San Salvador.

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Cruise – The only way to visit the Bahamas over water is by means of a cruise. From Florida there are several cruise ships travelling to the Bahamas. Most of the time, the cruises take 3, 4 or 5 days. Longer cruises toward the Bahamas are often combined with other destinations within the Caribbean area, such as the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Short cruises are often combined with a day in Key West. An ideal way to visit this place, without having to drive the Overseas Highway twice for four hours.

Hotels – The choice of accommodation at the above travel agencies is varied and the choice is up to you what accommodation meets your needs in terms of location, quality, ambience, facilities and price level. Whether it is a trendy design hotel, a luxury hotel or a popular family hotel, they will advise you on your best holiday experience.

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