Bahrain Holidays – The Hidden Treasure of the Middle East

Bahrain is the hidden treasure of the Middle East. This archipelago is located in the Persian Gulf and consists of 33 islands that are interconnected. It lies between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

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Bahrain, with its capital Manama, is a small country that has become very rich with the black gold: oil. You may also know it from the Formula 1, as it was the first country in the Middle East to open a circuit in Sakhir called, Bahrain International Circuit.Bahrain CruiseTourism is a large portion of everyday life for the population of Bahrain, who depend on the money from tourists from all over the world. On the coastline you will find many luxury hotels at beautiful sandy beaches. The most beautiful beach in Bahrain has to be Al Jazayir. The waters around the islands of Bahrain are known for the many species of coral and big oysters. The country is also known among divers who dive for pearls, coral reefs and wrecks (shipwrecks and aircraft wrecks). Bahrain is also known for its exotic fruits such as mango, banana, lemon and dates.

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