Belfast Castle and Cave Hill

Belfast Castle and Cave Hill

Belfast Castle stands at Cave Hill, a 360 meter high hill, which can clearly be seen from the city. In earlier times this castle was the residence of local chiefs. The castle is now used for conferences and parties, but at the Visitor’s Centre you can learn all about the history of Cave Hill and the castle.

Looking Down on Belfast Castle

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You can learn all about the earliest inhabitants, the castle that stood here previously, and burned down to the ground in 1708. The construction of the present castle, the caves in the area and how the castle was decorated at the beginning of the last century. A separate exhibition is devoted to the weddings that took place here from the end of World War II.

Belfast Castle by Night

You can also see the remains of MacArthur’s Fort at cave hill, which was built to keep the Vikings out. Several wonderful nature walking trails lead to the caves inside the hill, and in the visitor center you can learn all about the special plants and animals that live here.

Cave Hill Ireland

Close to the castle is an amusement park for children called Cave Hill Adventurous Playground. For older children there are big slides, and they can also try to climb the giant space net. You cannot leave your children here, if you want to explore the visitor center without them. There is personnel in the amusement park, but children are permitted only if accompanied by an adult.

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