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Bolivia is one of the most exciting countries in South America. The many influences of the Native American culture are still clearly visible in the daily life, and the landscape resembles that of another planet. The Andes mountain range is the backbone of this society, with its snowy peaks and desert landscapes. The salt flats of Uyuni are even unique in the world! So check out the travel agencies listed below and book your next holiday to Bolivia fast and secure online!

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Cheap Bolivia Holidays

Cheap Bolivia Holidays

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Active Holidays – The best time to travel to Bolivia, is from May to October, although the climate varies different for example between the altiplano and the Amazon forest. Walking in Bolivia means a trek with tents on the Cordillera Real or Takesi trail and the trail Choro (Choro-pull), the most famous treks in Bolivia. They take you from the Cordillera Real to the Yungas. You can also go hiking in Bolivia from Samaipata. One of the best mountain expedition to take in Bolivia is the ascent of the Huayna Potosí, a mountain of 6080 meters high.

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Airline Tickets– Check out the above listed travel agencies, or our airline tickets page, to get cheap tickets for your flight to La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz Viru Viru.

Holiday Tours – During a tour of Bolivia booked by one of the aforementioned agencies, you end up in the heart of South America. That means, among other things, the most diverse landscapes, traditional cultures, massive elevation changes and large temperature differences. The most striking sights of course are the Andes and Lake Titicaca, but a trip through Bolivia has so much more to offer than just these wonderful natural phenomena. Meet the great influence of the Indian culture and its traditions, its vast vineyards, imposing volcanoes, salt flats and marshes, savannahs and tropical rain forests.

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