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In Central America, you can get acquainted with Indian markets, colonial cities, rainforests and volcanoes. Costa Rica with its tropical rainforests and incredible variety of animals is often called the garden of Central America. Nicaragua offers charming colonial cities and volcanoes.

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Cheap Central America Holidays

In Guatemala and Honduras lies the origin of the Mayan culture, with impressive ruins and authentic Indian villages. In Mexico and you can also enjoy a nice beach holiday. So check out the travel agencies listed below and book your next holiday to one of the countries in Central America fast and secure online.

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Cheap Central America Holidays

Holiday Tour Central America – Central America is basically an independent continent, but still falls within North America. The area was originally inhabited by Indians. In southern Mexico and Guatemala, the Mayans settled at the beginning of our era, but the area conquered in the sixteenth century by the Spaniards. It’s really worth wile to take a tour to Central America to view the culturally rich countries and the ruins of the Mayas and Aztecs, or to admire the volcanic landscape of Costa Rica. You can also combine your trip to Mexico with a visit to Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua. Visit our holiday tours page for more travel agencies, who offer beautiful tours worldwide.

Beach Holiday Central America – Mexico, especially in this part of the world, is a very popular beach holiday destination. The Yucatán peninsula in southeastern Mexico, is a popular holiday destination for sun worshipers. But culture lovers can really enjoy themselves with the ruins of the mysterious Chichén Itzá which was the highlight of the Mayan culture. In the west of Mexico lies Bahía de Banderas, with the famous resort of Puerto Vallarta. You can experience, while enjoying your sun lounger on the beach, the Mexican culture, tequila and tortillas! If you can’t find the perfect holiday for a trip to Central America at the above listed travel agencies, check out our beach holidays page for other sun, sea and beach destinations.

Flights Central America
Airline tickets Central America – Via this page or our airline tickets page, you can order cheap tickets for your holiday or business trip to Cancun, Guatemala City, Mexico City or San Jose easy online.

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