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More and more people choose China as a holiday destination and are very impressed by the wide variety of the country. The rich culture and beautiful scenery make China, together with the rich history and many fascinating sights, a unique destination for all types of travelers.

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That’s why they call China the country of the Future. Both economic and touristic China is developing at an enormous rate. Good infrastructure, excellent hotels, great safety and delicious (and trusted) food make this country the perfect holiday destination.

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For some people it is the famous Great Wall, which inspires them to travel to China, while other people are looking for the authentic China. Even for the most experienced traveler this country is surprising. The country has symbolism, nature, culture, history and develops at breakneck speed. Modern cities are a contradiction of the interior with the Buddhist monastic life.

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Holiday Tour – The impressive Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Warriors are a must for any traveler, but what about Buddhist Tibet with its magnificent monasteries, the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River and the limestone crags around Guilin? Or the traditional minorities in southern Yunnan province, the gardens of Suzhou and the famous Silk Road? Modern cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing are a shopper’s paradise where you can spend many hours and days just checking out the shops.Flight Tickets ChinaHotels – For your family visit, holiday or business trip to China, the above listed travel agencies offer you luxurious, beautiful and cheap hotels in cities like Beijing (Peking), Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xi’an.

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