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Rotterdam City Trip

Rotterdam was still a Dutch small fishing village in the thirteenth century. It only became an industrial city after the German bombers destroyed the center and port in 1940. Throughout the years, Rotterdam has also grown into a cultural city with beautiful and unique architecture. Here you can truly enjoy yourself by cycling, or taking a nice cruise trip in a Spido. You can also rent a water taxi, and explore the Port of Rotterdam that way. In the historic Delfshaven, the houses are still built in the traditional Dutch style. From there the pilgrims sailed out to sea in 1620.

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Rotterdam Skyline

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Cube Houses – The cubic houses are real icons of Rotterdam. There are 38 houses on poles near the Old Harbour (Oude Haven). The houses are tilted at an angle of 45 degrees, making them truly unique in architecture. Piet Blom designed the cubic houses in 1984 and the design represents a tree and all the houses form a forest.
Most cube houses are inhabited, but one of the houses is a museum and this is always open to the public, for a small donation. The house plays with your senses because everything is at an angle and you can not compare it to a normal house.

Cube Houses Rotterdam

Euromast – The Dutch Architect Maaskant designed the Euromast in 1960 for the Floriade, and remains one of Rotterdam’s most important attractions. When the Euromast was completed, the tower was “only” 100 meters high. 8 Years later, it was decided to increase the height of the Euromast after the Faculty of Medicine crossed the Euromast ‘s height by 14 meters. It was decided to build an 85 meter high Space Tower on the original Euromast, which was completed in 1970.
If you visit the Euromast, prepare for an adventure. You can climb multiple platforms and enjoy the view by going up with one of the ultra-fast automatic lifts. On a clear day you can see The Hague and even the Belgian city of Antwerp. If you want to go back down in an adventurous way, then abseil down, but make sure you book well in advance, because abseiling is very popular. If you want a romantic getaway, you can dine at the Euromast Summit and sleep in one of the suites, where you will enjoy a spectacular view when you wake up.

Market Hall – The Market Hall in Rotterdam, is a residential and shopping complex located between the Hoogstraat, Binnenrotte and Blaak. Within the complex there are 228 apartments, nearly five thousand square meters of shopping space, 1,600 m2 of catering space and a large covered market. The shape of the building may be special, but the inside is truly amazing! Artist Arno Coenen created the largest artwork in the Netherlands: the Horn of Plenty. With an area of ​​11,000 m2 and bright colors, it is not surprising that it is also called the Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam.
During the construction, large-scale excavations were done, and all kinds of medieval objects were excavated. From vases and tools, to many cannonballs. These objects are still visible in the basement of the market hall.

Market Hall Rotterdam

In the Market Hall you will always find what you are looking for. With 96 unique stalls and 20 shops and restaurants, the Market Hall is the most diverse food supplier throughout the Netherlands. Where ever you are from, and whatever your preference is about food, you can always go to the Market Hall.
The indoor market is primarily aimed at providing fresh food. The only fixed market stall with products not intended for consumption is the stall of flowers and plants. Everything else is aimed at food and drink. Various world cuisines and virtually all imaginable ingredients are represented on the market.

SS Rotterdam – The first trip of the SS Rotterdam was on September 3, 1959. After this trip, the ‘La Grande Dame’ has been on the seven seas for more than 40 years. Since 2008, the ship is docked at the Third Katendrechts Hoofd in the Port of Rotterdam. Since 2001, SS Rotterdam was transferred into several hands to eventually be taken over by Woonbron.
Due to mismanagement, the ship had to be resold after losses year after year, and in 2012 the SS Rotterdam was sold to WestCord Hotels for € 29.9 million. For a number of years now, the ship is open to the public, although not the entire ship is accessible. More than 200 volunteers, including old passengers and crew members, can guide you on the ship. They like to share wonderful stories from the past or help you get back when you’re lost.

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