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Costa Rica has all types of nature within its boundaries, ranging from tropical rain forests, cloud forests, dry tropical forests, savannas, volcanos, and mangrove forests. In addition, Costa Rica has a rich wildlife, with monkeys, frogs, crocodiles, iguanas and many bird species. Additionally, you can also enjoy beautiful tropical palm beaches.

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Cheap Costa Rica Holidays

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Cheap Costa Rica Holidays

Holiday Tour – During a trip through Costa Rica, be sure to visit the capital San Jose, La Fortuna, and the national parks Monteverde and Manuel Antonio. The natural beauty of the country is an important part of the tour. So a visit to the cloud forest of Monteverde, Arenal Volcano is also highly recommended.

With most travel agencies who offer holiday tours to Costa Rica you can choose whether you want to focus your attention on Costa Rica alone, or want to expand your tour to visit countries like Panama, Nicaragua, or even smaller countries like Guatemala, El Salvador or Honduras.

Beach Holiday – Despite the literal meaning of Costa Rica (Rich Coast), the beaches and coastline are probably not the first things you think about when you think of in this country. The long Caribbean and Pacific coastlines make sure that there are plenty of beautiful beaches where you can enjoy sun, sea and sand and great snorkeling. The Pacific coast has beautiful beaches, on the Caribbean coast, the atmosphere is very nice and you will not experience a rainy season. Especially on the beaches in Costa Rica, the jungle often reaches as far as the beach. The beaches in Costa Rica are fine as stopover during your trip or as an extension of a tour through Costa Rica’s nature.

Cheap Beach Holidays Costa Rica
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