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Have you always dreamed of going on a cruise? At JPR Travel you have a wide choice from the many cruise agencies like Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Royal Caribbean International and MSC Cruises.

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Cruise AfricaAfrica cruises take you to Casablanca, Dakar, Cape Town and Sao Tome. The cruises are also coupled to destinations outside Africa, so you can also visit Dubai, Gibraltar or Mumbai (Bombay) for example.

Cruise Caribbean – The most popular destination for making a dream cruise is the Caribbean, because here you can almost always enjoy great weather and many paradise destinations like Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Curacao and Cuba. Most of these cruises begin in Florida and go to destinations such as Costa Rica and Mexico in Central America. Visit the websites of the above cruise agencies and book your cruise in the Caribbean easily and cheap!

Cruise Mediterranean Sea – A Mediterranean cruise will take you to the most beautiful routes and take you to ancient civilizations (including Egypt) beautiful cities (including Barcelona) and the beautiful sun-drenched beaches (as in Greece). (Re) discover the particular cultural cities of this region. A cruise in this area means a roundtrip, vacation club and a luxury hotel in one trip!

Mini Cruises – Want a weekend or midweek break? Then a mini cruise might be the thing you are looking for. The mini cruises to Hull, Nassau, Newcastle and York are nice, versatile and affordable. You combine the best of both worlds with the mini cruises of one of the above cruise agencies. A real cruise experience with a vibrant city break.

Nile Cruises – A Nile cruise is the way to discover Egypt with all its treasures and is definitely an experience you will never forget. Major highlights of these cruises are the Horus Temple in Edfu, the temples of Karnak and Luxor, the city of Luxor (a true open-air museum) and the tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Do not hesitate and check out the above travel agencies, who offer cheap Nile cruises.

Cruise Northern Europe – The countries of northern Europe have a lot to offer for tourists. The countries around the Baltic Sea have interesting cities and cultures. Everywhere you go, you will notice the silent witnesses of the power struggle that took place here for many centuries. You will find many fortifications and forts and you can enjoy the atmosphere of that turbulent past as you wander through the medieval streets of Visby, Riga, Stockholm and Tallinn.
The fjords of Norway, in particular, are a great area with hundreds of islands, inlets and deep valleys, high mountains and mighty glaciers. Thanks to the ice age, Norway has received such fantastic fjords. Mighty glaciers have carved river valleys far below sea level. When the ice retreated 20,000 years ago the fjords remained. And when you set foot on Spitsbergen, imagine yourself as a true explorer.

River Cruises – There are few rivers in the world that are not traveled by cruise vessels. Known are of course the Rhine and the Danube, but also on the rivers in Russia, the Yangtze in China and the Nile in Egypt, you can find them. These vessels are characterized by their distinctive layered structure.
The Danube river flows through no fewer than nine different countries in Western and Eastern Europe. You can choose shipping routes from Amsterdam to Budapest or vice versa, sailing from Passau to the mouth of the Black Sea or cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg or vice versa by the Dnieper. During these trips on the Dnieper a visit to the Kremlin and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg is definitely a must!


Cruise Far East – This area remains for most travel enthusiasts their favorite vacation spot. Nowhere in the world can one find so many cultures, nationalities and religions in this part of the world. Between China and New Zealand you will find all the ingredients for a varied, exotic and relaxing cruise. In cities such as Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore, you can find huge shopping malls, numerous small and large restaurants with a variety of native and Western cuisine and a bustling nightlife. Between Malaysia and Sumatra are the 99 islands from the Langkawi archipelago. Rustic bays, crystal clear lakes, lagoons and wonderful beaches characterize this small paradises, which offer a great opportunity to fully relax and forget the hustling society!

World Cruises – Always wished you could travel around the world? Look for world cruises at the above cruise agencies, and sail around the world and visit dozens of destinations in more than 100 days.

Cruise Other Destinations – We can’t mention all the cruise options on here, but there are also cruises available along the Greek and Turkish coast or the more expensive cruises to Alaska, Antarctica and Greenland. But also the cruises to the Middle East (including visit to the United Arab Emirates), New York, South America (Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay in the program) or along the west coast of Europe must not be forgotten. In short, visit the cruise agencies listed at the top of this page and you will surely find the cruise that suits you.

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