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Curacao, the largest island of the ABC islands (former Netherlands Antilles), is becoming increasingly popular as a holiday destination. Curacao has a great climate, nice and cozy beaches, turquoise waters with beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish, and of course, Willemstad. Nowhere else in the Caribbean you will experience so much atmosphere and coziness surrounded by architectural delights from a rich past. That’s why many people decide on a holiday to Curacao. Below are the most affordable travel agencies for your dream holiday to the tropical island of Curacao. If you are looking for tickets only, check out our airline tickets page.

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Cheap Curacao Holidays

Cheap Curacao Holidays

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Beaches – When it comes to beaches, there is something for everyone on Curacao. Whether you prefer a wide sandy beach, or you prefer a small, private cove, on Curacao you can go for months to the beach without a day going to the same beach. Most of the small coves can be found on the western part of the island. The large sandy beaches can be found on the south coast. We also recommend you to take a trip to the uninhabited island of Little Curacao. This is a barren island with a white sandy beach where you can see turtles while snorkeling.

Car Rental – before you travel to this beautiful island, we recommend you to make a reservation for a rental car. This is often cheaper and you do not run the risk that the car you want is no longer available.

Cruise – Curacao has two berths for cruise ships. The mega ships can dock at the Mega Pier and the smaller ships may use the cruise terminals in the port. All cruise terminals are connected to the main shopping and business centers. A cruise to Curacao can easily be combined with a cruise to Aruba, Bahamas, Bonaire, Dominican Republic, Florida and other countries in the Caribbean and Central America.

Excursions & Activities – On Curacao you can do many activities and there are plenty of distractions. There are, sailing cruises, a whole or half day island tours, archaeological and geological excursions, bird watch- and hiking, nature and biological activities, mountain bike tours and much more … If you’re ready to unwind, there are sunset cruises , dinner cruises, cafes and of course bars.

Cheap Beach Holidays Curacao

Hotels & Resorts – Before you book your trip to Curacao, check out the travel agencies listed above for the perfect resort or hotel for you, and get a good understanding of what they offer. This prevents disappointment during your holiday.

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