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Cycling Holiday – Do you want to take a nice bike trip in your own country or abroad? We at JPR Travel found several travel agencies especially for you who offer cheap and affordable cycling holidays.

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We also provide extensive bicycle information such as the best bike locations in France and cycling maps of extensive bicycle routes in The Netherlands.

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Belgium means cycling through historic towns and enjoy a different landscape every day. The Flemish polder is a brilliant bike region where you can ride through the area of the Yser River, and where you come through Bruges, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. But you can also choose cycling holidays which include rides through Belgian Limburg, East Flanders or the Ardennes.

Germany attracts more people each year, who want to take beautiful cycling trips throughout this great country. For the cyclist, Germany has in fact almost anything. In the north, there are many flat areas to cycle, and there are high mountains in the south. The country has many bike trails as well as bike paths on car-free roads. These bike trails are very well marked and if you are still lost, the friendly locals will always help you. Just as the landscape has many aspects, so has the weather in Germany. In the north there are often strong westerly winds and in the south it may occasionally rain or you will experience fog banks originating in the mountains.

France is best explored by bicycle. For the best cycling holiday, France is definitely the right choice, because the country offers peace, vast landscapes and many attractions. So you can cycle along narrow country roads, paved forest trails, meadows, along rivers, through quaint villages, unknown towns, castles and churches.

The Netherlands is famous for his cycling holidays, and at JPR Travel, you can book the best cycling holidays to the hills of Limburg, the Veluwe in Gelderland, Groningen, Drenthe, the coastal area of Zeeland and along the eleven cities in Friesland. But you can also contact the above listed travel agencies and book a cycling holiday to lesser-known cycling areas in the Netherlands, such as by Overijssel, North Brabant, North Holland, Utrecht and South Holland.

Other beautiful countries where you can enjoy brilliant cycling holidays in Europe are: Cyprus, Denmark, England, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

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China is the country where the bike is just as familiar as it is in The Netherlands. The best way to discover China and Tibet is also by bike tour. You will discover a completely different world of a particular culture, different customs and traditions.

Cuba is a great island to explore by bicycle. Virtually every cycling holiday begins in the capital Havana and then you can cycle to Las Terrazas, explore Soroa, Pinar del Rio and Trinidad. The bike ride is usually interrupted by a bus ride through the beautiful hilly countryside and along the Caribbean coast.

Thailand is for anyone who wants to experience cycling holidays in Asia a very good choice. This country is highly developed and offers all the comfort you need as a cyclist. You can alternate your cycling holiday, with a lovely beach holiday. Some of the highlights of a bike tour through Thailand are certainly a tour of the Golden Triangle, a trip along the Mekong River and do not forget to cycle along the Andaman Sea, where you have a beautiful view of many islands.

Other affordable cycling holidays that we offer beyond Europe, include Morocco, Turkey, Vietnam and South Africa.

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