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Cyprus is a fairly popular tourist destination for British and German travelers. Cyprus is not known to the masses because it has an unjustified reputation of being expensive. A trip to the island of Cyprus actually means a trip to two countries and worlds.

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Cheap Cyprus Holidays

The southern half of Cyprus falls in the Eurozone and so called European, the other half (Northern Cyprus) is Turkish and complete on itself. So what are you waiting for and check out the below listed travel agencies, who offer great and affordable holidays to Cyprus.

Cheap Cyprus Holidays

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Hotels – The best place to book a nice hotel for families with children is in Paphos, because the hotels are very family friendly. You could also book a stay at an apartment complex, or all-inclusive hotel in Ayia Napa. It has beautiful beaches and many hotels have the necessary pools and entertainment programs. You can also visit our hotel page for more hotel choices.

Student Holidays – The best places to spend your student holiday in Cyprus are, Ayia Napa, Limassol and Paphos, where you can party all night in the many clubs and bars. The capital Nicosia is situated inland and has no beaches. Ayia Napa has the best nightlife, Paphos and Limassol’s are the coziest, cheapest and most varied cities.

Holiday Tours – If you want to take a coach tour in Cyprus, make sure you visit the Troodos Mountains, and the beautiful cities of Kyrenia (Girne), Famagusta, Akamas and Ancient Kourion. Also make sure you visit to the last divided capital of Europe, Nicosia. In this city, you can visit the Palace of the Archbishop, Laiki Yitonia and St. John’s Cathedral. But also go above the “Green Line” to the Selimiye Mosque. This mosque used to be the Aghia Sofia cathedral.

Check out some of the highlights of Cyprus!

Beach Holiday – The best places to spend your beach holiday on Cyprus are: Ayia Napia and Paphos. The sandy beaches there are truly beautiful.

Airline tickets – Some of the airlines that fly to Larnaca and Paphos, are Cyprus Airways and KLM. If you need to go to Cyprus for business, make sure you check out our airline tickets page.

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