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It is known for its vast historical landscapes. The landscape is marked by endless pine trees and the beautiful huge Lake Peipus. In the historic centre of the capital Tallinn you can find many gothic buildings and church towers, but also many fashion stores of Nordic fashion chains and incredibly cosy pubs.

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City Break Tallinn – A city break to Tallinn is guaranteed special, adventurous and interesting. Tallinn has everything to offer, whether you love culture, architecture, history or shopping, in Tallinn you can find it all. Tallinn has an intriguing history, like Estonia in general. Different nationalities owned the land and the traces of those can be seen in the cities. These traces of nationalities can be seen in the churches, although many churches have been destroyed over the centuries.

Holiday Tours – During your tour of Estonia you are introduced to the unique culture and history of the country. Many different cultures have lived together in Estonia, which you will see in the various churches, castles and architecture. There are many museums that highlight the history of Estonia. However, the country does not stand still, and focusses on contemporary art.

City Break Tallinn

Group Tours in Estonia bring you to many cities, like Pärnu for example, where you can visit the Red Tower. This part of the old city wall was loved by the Russian Tsars. Moreover, this town has been a spa since 1838. The centre of Pärnu has many wooden houses with magnificent carved cornices, railings, porches and turrets in welcoming pastel colours. In the university city of Tartu you can mix your pleasant student life with its many pubs and nightclubs.

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