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Europe is a small continent, but for a holiday it has probably the most to offer. You can make beautiful car trips to Italy or Croatia. Enjoy a romantic break in London or Paris. Enjoy skiing in Austria or Switzerland, take a lovely weekend off in the Ardennes or Bavaria, enjoy a relaxed beach holiday in Greece or Spain or take an unforgettable trip to the Baltic States or Germany. For a child friendly campsite go to Luxembourg or The Netherlands, or take an adventurous youth holiday to Bulgaria or the Czech Republic.

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Cheap Europe Holidays

Cheap Europe Holidays

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Balkans – The Balkans are a great place to visit during the summer, to enjoy the sun. You can enjoy a nice beach holiday in countries such as Bulgaria, Greece and Croatia or at Lake Ohrid in Macedonia. Alternatively, you can go skiing in Slovenia in the winter, for example, or you can take a nice tour of the rather unknown country Albania.

BeneluxBelgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands are also great countries to visit. You can go camping for example in the “Betuwe” in the Netherlands or visit “Little Switzerland” in Luxembourg. You can also enjoy a seaside holiday in Zeeland, the Netherlands or check out the island of Texel, or enjoy a nice weekend in Antwerp and Maastricht.

Central Europe – Especially in the winter, many tourists go to this part of Europe because of their winter holidays in countries such as Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland, but in the summer it is also very rewarding to travel to the mountains and to enjoy the nature.

Cheap Europe Holidays

Northern Europe – in this part of Europe, you can enjoy a car holiday, or take a bus tour in Germany and visit the historic cities of Berlin, Dresden and Cologne. Also, more and more tourists visit the Polish cities Krakow and Warsaw. Another tip is to celebrate your Holiday in Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

Eastern Europe – More and more people spend their holidays in Eastern Europe by taking a cruise or tour of the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). In Russia they visit the beautiful city of St Petersburg and more and more people enjoy their beach holiday on the beach of the Black Sea in Romania.

Scandinavia – You will be surprised what the countries in this region have to offer. You can take a cruise travel to the fjords in Norway, take a city break to Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, enjoy a winter sport holiday in Finland, take a round trip in Iceland, or visit LEGOLAND in Denmark.

Southern Europe – For sun worshipers this part of Europe, is their favourite destination. Enjoying the beaches of the Costas in Spain, the Algarve in Portugal or on the Cote d’Azur in France. But even in the winter, Andorra, the French Alps and the Italian Dolomites are great skiing places. Incidentally, you can also make wonderful city breaks to Barcelona, Florence, Lisbon, Madrid, Rome and many other well-known cities.

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