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Do you want to take a nice tour in the Far East or are you looking for a very attractive last minute to for example, Hong Kong or Vietnam? Visit the below listed travel agencies, because they offer cheap hotels, beach holidays and airline tickets to any destination in Asia you want.

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Cheap Far East Holidays

Cheap Far East Holidays

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China is the ideal destination for taking an extensive tour. Even for the most experienced traveler, China is still surprising. The country has symbolism, nature, culture, history and develops at breakneck speed. Modern cities are a great contrast with the interior of China, with Buddhist monastic life.

Indonesia is a country that consists of thousands of beautiful islands, with a great diversity of nature and where different cultures meet. Meet the local population and be surprised by beautiful landscapes and a wonderful climate while traveling through Indonesia. Bali is for the sun worshiper and as the perfect honeymoon destination.

Sri Lanka has a rich colonial past and a diversity of people and religions. This is reflected in the impressive remains of the ancient royal cities (such as Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa) and the magnificent temples.
Moreover; The rare beauty of the emerald green inland, the tropical heat, the spiritual tranquility of meditating monks and beautiful beaches contribute to a piece of paradise. Many tourists travel to the Maldives to enjoy some peace and sun for their remaining days after a tour in Sri Lanka.

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Thailand has long been the top destination for beach holidays in Asia. So many Americans, Australians and Europeans go to the hotels on the beautiful beaches in Pattaya or Phuket. But the ‘land of smiles’ is more than beach and sun. This beautiful tropical destination offers many impressions with a ride on the back of an elephant and a visit to the River Kwai.
The many historical sites and the serene Buddhist temples are worth a visit. What you definitely should not miss is the capital Bangkok. For this and for other destinations like New Delhi and Singapore check out the above travel agencies to find cheap airline tickets and hotel reservations.

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