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If you are looking for a magnificent expedition cruise to Greenland, you will definitely find the trip you’re dreaming of at one of the online tour operators below. You can enjoy a unique cruise to a country that is 14 times larger than England and where the ice sheet is 3 km thick in some places.

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Best Greenland Cruises

Expedition Cruises for a Greenland Holiday

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Besides the well-known travel agencies, you can also find other reliable travel agencies at JPR Travel, which offer you trips to Greenland in a different way and sometimes cheaper. Many of these cruises can also be combined with a visit to Iceland, the southeast of Canada or Spitsbergen.

Ice & Snow – On your trip through Greenland you will encounter numerous icebergs. In the Disko Bay, these icebergs often end up to 100 meters above the waterline and do not forget that 90% of an iceberg is below the water level. The world’s most active glacier at Ilullssat moves about 25 to 30 meters a day over a width of 10 kilometers.
Visiting the ice sheet is possible from most of the towns in Greenland. The ice sheet is only 20 kilometers from Kangerlussuaq and you can walk, ride, fly or mountain bike there. When you bring a tent you can stay overnight. Spring is the best season for dog sledding rides and skiing. Greenland also offers first class summer skiing and even heli-skiing on glaciers. Greenland also hosts various international events related to ice and snow; The Arctic Circle Race (World’s Hardest Skirace), the Snow Golf World Championships and the Nuuk Snow Festival.

Mountain Climbing, Kayaking, Fishing and Hiking

Fishing – Greenland is a paradise for anglers. In most rivers you can fish on Arctic trout, and when you are on a boat at sea or in a fjord, you have the opportunity to catch a halibut or a large catfish.

Hiking – Hiking enthusiasts will experience a breathtaking polar landscape on the largest island in the world. With a total of 55,000 inhabitants, you are truly alone when you leave one of the towns and settlements. The mountains, valleys, rivers and giant icecap are virtually uninhabited. You can walk from hut to hut or from sheep farm to sheep farm. Even experienced mountain hikers will face many challenges in this mostly untouched country.

Kayaking – The kayak was originally developed by hunters in this country. The fjords, sea straits and archipelago are ideal for kayaking, and some local tourist organizations offer kayaks for rent. While paddling your kayak, you can admire the icebergs, seals and whales close up for a few hours or even a few weeks, depending how long you rent one.

Best Greenland Holidays

Fauna – If you arrive by plane at Kangerlussuaq Airport you will soon see musk oxen and on the street or even from your hotel room you can enjoy watching whales. During the late summer and early autumn the whales swim close to the coast and sometimes they even swim in the ports. There are also many different types of whales in Greenland, including the two largest, the blue whale and the Rorquals. The northeastern part of Greenland is the worlds largest protected national park, where you can find polar bears, walruses, reindeer, wolves and many bird species.

Mountain Climbing – This is possible practically everywhere on this big island. Nanortalik in the far south of Greenland, with its high and impressive peaks (up to 2000 meters), is a challenge for mountain climbers from all over the world.

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