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At the travel agencies listed below you will find anything from light hiking trips, to challenging wilderness treks, from the hills of the Ardennes to the high mountains of the Himalayas, from group tours with experienced tour guides to complete individual hiking trips. They also offer you the cheapest prices and the best trips.

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Egypt – How about trekking through the Sinai desert with camels? Descend from the perched Catherine’s Monastery down to Ras Abu Galum. Walk, accompanied by Bedouins, past imposing mountain ranges, colorful rock formations and wide wadis. Sleep under the stars. End this particular hiking holiday with a swim in the Red Sea and discover the incomparable coral reefs.

France – A great tip for a hiking trip in France, is to hike with a group around the beautiful mountains of the French Alps. This is a beautiful hiking trip through the Parc National des Ecrins. From the green Emparis plateau, where you’ll have a view on the the Meije glacier, you can trek around the highest and impenetrable part of the massif.
In the southern part of the park you can sometimes follow a cross country trail. After the waterfalls and lakes of Valgaudemar and Valjouffrey, you will end your trip along mountain huts and cottages in the deep valley of the Oisans.

Germany – Experience a week of hiking through the spectacular scenery of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in the eastern German state of Saxony. It offers wonderful hiking among bizarre rock formations, buttes and labyrinths of canyons and rocks. The Elbe Valley is really at its best here, and don’t forget to visit the historic city Dresden at the end of your journey.

Iceland – The best way to get to know Iceland is on foot. So usually you will stay in a guest house or farm during these holidays and most of the times the hiking takes place in the Hengill Mountains where sulfur springs and steaming rivers adorn the landscape. On the Reykjanes peninsula and in Thorsmörk you will trek through man-birch forests along braiding Meltwater Rivers and jagged basalt formations. With a guide you can also hike up the Sólheimajökull glacier. Make sure to visit the highlights of Iceland like Gullfoss, Geysir, Thingvellir and the cozy city of Reykjavik.

Best Trekking Holidays

Nepal – A real hiker must have made at least one trek in Nepal, and the Annapurna Circuit is a true classic. This beautiful and famous Himalayan trek is rightly so counted among the most beautiful in the world. Over 250 kilometers of fantastic hiking around the Annapurna massif, which is gleaming like a snow-covered sofa outlined against the sky. It is stunningly varied.
From soaking wet subtropical bamboo forests, spectacular eroded Tibetan highland, and immense glaciers, to charming mountain villages where yak herders and rice peasants live. Your luggage is carried around, and every evening you will find shelter in a lodge.

Turkey – Hiking in Lycia along the western part of the famous Lycian Way is a must. This is the first marked long-distance footpath in Turkey. Hiking from Fethiye along the steep, rugged coastline to the endless beach and dusted ruins of Patara. Discover the real Turkey beyond the typical tourist attractions and travel on foot through one of the last unspoiled coastal areas of the Mediterranean.
The foothills of the Taurus Mountains rise so steeply from the sea here, that there was never a coastal road constructed between Fethiye and Patara Beach. At night you will mostly sleep in inns and houses.

Other countries where you can enjoy great hiking experiences include Cyprus, Morocco, Portugal (Madeira) and Spain. So make sure you visit the above listed travel agencies and book your hiking trip easy and safe online!

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