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Holiday Home Rentals

Holiday Home – Don’t you want to spend your holiday in a hotel or boarding house, but want to rent a home or bungalow with a private pool to spend your holiday in. Check out the travel agencies below for both small and large bungalows, beautiful chalets and luxurious villas. There you have the opportunity to spend a weekend, midweek, week or several weeks.

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Holiday Home Rentals

Cheap Holiday Home Rentals

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Away Resorts
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Bungalow – For a bungalow or cottage in one of the famous holiday resorts like; Away Resorts, Butlins and Pontins please contact the above travel agencies.

Chalet – If you’re looking for a beautiful chalet in the mountains of France, Austria or Switzerland during your summer or winter holiday, check the above mentioned online travel agencies.

Cheap Chalets

Holiday Home – Choose from a wide range of holiday homes in many European and non-European holiday destinations. You can go there for a villa with a pool, chalet in the mountains, charming farmhouse, luxury group home, authentic country house, or a city apartment. Check out the travel agencies for your ideal holiday in Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the Czech Republic and enjoy a wonderful holiday!

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