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Holiday Tours – At JPR travel, you can choose from several online travel agencies, who offer many cheap and unforgettable group tours, or individual tours to all corners of the world. How about a tour to Cappadocia in Turkey, the Red Square in Moscow, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt or take a Route 66 tour in the United States. Visit the below listed travel agencies and compare the many options and prices.

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Africa – For those who want to take a camel ride in the Sahara or go on safari in Kenya you will surely find your tour at one of the many tour operators listed above. At many of those travel agencies, you can book a wonderful trip for a low price to Morocco in order to visit the many royal cities like Fes and Marrakech or book a beautiful safari in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

Central America – When you think of this part of the world, you immediately think of the ancient Mayan temples and pyramids and Spanish colonial cities in Mexico. But you’ll also be amazed by the beautiful sites in Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Honduras.

Europe – At JPR Travel you can book holiday tours within Europe and tour by car, bus or train. You do not need to travel far to see a wealth of culture and nature. During a tour by car, you can explore the country side or region in a relaxed way.
You can choose either a cheap tour where you sleep in not too expensive hotels or bed and breakfasts, or you can choose to sleep in luxury spa hotels, country houses and castles. If you prefer to drive yourself and you do not want to make a round trip by bus. You can take short and long trips to countries such as Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic.
If you are a true lover of train travel, you can book a beautiful train trip in Scandinavia in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery while traveling from Oslo to Bergen in Norway. So whether you want to visit the County of Kent in England, or Tuscany in Italy, you’ll surely find the tour that suits you at one of the above tour operators.

Far East – More and more people want to know more about the fascinating Far East, and want to take a nice trip to China to visit the Great Wall and Tibet or travel to Thailand where you can ride on an elephant or where you can go shopping in Bangkok or in India, which is a continent in itself by the large differences in climate, religions, monuments and people. Other countries that are definitely worth a holiday tour in Asia include: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Middle East – Have you never been to the Middle East and want to explore this part of the world? Then this is your chance, because the above travel agencies offer beautiful holiday tours to Israel where you can visit the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem or take a tour of Jordan for example. There you can visit the ancient city Petra and the desert Wadi Rum. Other tours in the Middle East where you can feel like you’re in the fairy tales of 1001 nights, include countries like Dubai, Lebanon and Oman.

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North America – For many people it is a great wish to visit the USA. At JPR Travel, we offer you this opportunity, because if you book a holiday tour by car or bus at the above travel agencies you can include trips to Hollywood in Los Angeles, the many casinos in Las Vegas and visit the White House in Washington. Make sure you also visit Yellowstone Park and Niagara Falls, which is partly located in Canada.

Oceania – For many people Australia is the perfect country for a holiday tour. The online travel agencies listed above offer group tours as well as fly-drive tours at very competitive prices. So go Down Under to Australia with JPR travel. In this part of the world you can also visit the beautiful country of New Zealand and get acquainted there with the Maori culture. Moreover you can find cheap flights to Auckland and Sydney through our website.

South AmericaVenezuela is one of the most beautiful destinations for a tour in South America. For example, the vast jungles, dark clouded forests, spectacular table mountains, huge waterfalls and beautiful beaches offer something for everyone. Suriname is a country where you can visit the old plantations, historic houses and the famous Fort Zeelandia.
If you have a passion for music and dance, carnival, stunning natural treasures and many different cultures, be sure to book a holiday tour in Argentina and Brazil. Be sure to also visit the Inca ruins, the high Andes, volcanoes and the lost city of Machu Picchu in Peru.


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