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Honeymoon – Are you getting married soon and are you looking for your dream honeymoon? Especially for you we have looked at several online travel agencies offering gorgeous honeymoons to the most beautiful places on earth where you can decide how your journey is going to look.

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Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

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Below you can choose from various travel destinations and choose where and how you want to spend your honeymoon. Some couples just want to relax on the beach. Other couples are looking for action and adventure and others are just looking for a romantic weekend destination. Check out our hotel page where you can book a honeymoon suite for one night for example.

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Bali – Bali is one of the best destinations for honeymoons. Enjoy the excellent food, relax and enjoy the many spas, lounging in your own private villa and enjoy many cultural activities. In Bali you also get a lot of value for your money. Enjoy a luxury honeymoon at a relatively low price. A fun and beautiful idea is to travel with a private driver who can take you to several regions of Bali. For not too much money you can travel from hotel to hotel, so you don’t have just a varied holiday, but you can also see a lot of the beautiful island.

Hawaii – Each island of Hawaii has its own identity, offering the traveler always something new. From lava flows to high waves, from golf courses to rainforests, or from perpetual snow to volcanic drought. Hawaii has it all. Oahu is the island with the largest population. It has beaches like Waikiki and Sunset Beach, and a multitude of cultures that mingle in the busy life of Honolulu. Skyscrapers on the seashore show a busy welfare society that is bursting with energy.
The north shore of Oahu, however, is off limits to high-rise and has still managed to retain its old character. Many wooden huts and small houses provide a cozy atmosphere. The Haleakala is the dormant volcano on Maui. Here is also an observatory located. Do you want to travel to an island full of flowers? You should go to Kauai. You can completely customize a honeymoon to Hawaii, because the island group is so diverse. It is both perfect for an adventurous as a relaxing honeymoon. You can make your honeymoon even more complete by combining your honeymoon to Hawaii with a visit to the West Coast of America.

Italy – Italy is also probably one of the better options for a honeymoon. The country has a lot to offer, so that makes a very varied honeymoon possible. In northern Italy are the beautiful cities such as Turin and Milan. A little further down is the beautiful and wonderful Tuscany you can enjoy wonderful wine tours and can sleep on a nice farm. More central, and slightly more Southern than Tuscany is Umbria, the green heart of Italy. From Umbria to the capital of Italy, Rome, is only a short distance. The islands of Italy, Sardinia and Sicily, are great destinations for honeymooners too. The only problem is that it is difficult to get around these islands by car.

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Maldives – The Maldives is a wonderful destination for mostly doing nothing. So take plenty of books with you, and especially enjoy each other during your stay. Most people only enjoy one honeymoon in their lives! The Maldives are known as one of the best diving spots in the world. You can go on a diving trip from virtually every hotel. If you do not love diving, you can even marvel at the beautiful tropical fish as a snorkeler. Another nice trip is a visit to an island where the original population still lives. You will then sail to another island by boat. In short, the Maldives are a honeymoon destination par excellence. Especially if you come for the bounty feeling, and relaxing and resting is your main goal.

Mauritius – The island Mauritius seems to be made just for honeymoons. Mauritius has beautiful, romantic hotels, white sandy beaches, an incredibly beautiful sea and great food. There is also plenty to see and do on the island. Mauritius has a number of large extinct volcano craters that have been filled with water which are wonderful to see. Some ancient volcanoes can be found on more than 700 meters above sea level.
Mauritius has a lot to offer for nature lovers. You can visit one or more of the Royal Botanical Gardens. These botanical gardens have been created in the early 18th century. Here you will find more than 500 different species of trees and plants which are sometimes centuries old. Mauritius is a very special wedding destination.
The country is beautiful with its overwhelming nature. Mauritius feels like a mix between East and West. The quality of the hotels is perfect. Mauritius is perfect for your honeymoon if you are looking for quality, tasty food and lovely hotels. If you love golf then Mauritius is definitely a paradise. Mauritius has quite a lot of nice golf courses.

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