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One of the most imaginative countries in Europe is undoubtedly Hungary: the land of the pusztas and the gypsies! In the center of the country you will find the charming capital Budapest with many beautiful sites and where the glorious past is still palpable. Besides the capital Budapest, the Lake Balaton, the “Hungarian Sea”, is the biggest tourist attraction in Hungary and one of the most popular tourist destinations.

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Campsites – When you go camping in Hungary, you will be surprised at how Western and modern this country really is, while yet still rich in tradition and full of quaint, romantic dream spots. Also important: the price of a camping holiday in Hungary is a lot lower than most other countries! Visit our Campsites page for more camping destinations within and outside Hungary.

Coach Tours – Hungary is the ideal country for an unforgettable excursion by bus. Travel with one of the above listed travel agencies to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, combined with a few days at Lake Balaton. Visit our coach tours page if you want more information on a bus trip to Hungary or other destinations.

City Break Budapest – Budapest is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. This bustling city is a major center of culture and history. It is mentioned on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Across the city runs the river Danube, which divides the city into two parts. When you walk on the right bank of the river, the former ‘Buda’, you will discover many amazing sights, museums and shops. You can also enjoy a quiet, authentic and romantic atmosphere here.

When you are on the left bank, the former ‘Pest’, you will experience the commercial heart of the city with the most traffic and heavy industry. Make sure you experience and taste the typical Hungarian Goulash with peppers and delicious Hungarian drinks. Visit the amazing Budapest Christmas market during Christmas or vist the Buda Castle. Do not forget to check if there is a typical festival during your stay. This is a great way to enjoy the local folklore. Visit our City Breaks page for even more travel agencies with trips to Budapest and other cities.

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Holiday Home – More and more people rent a holiday home in Hungary to enjoy the lovely scenery, and the hospitality of the local people. While staying in a Hungarian holiday home you can take many trips to historical cities or the beautiful Hungarian countryside. For a cultural holiday, free standing holiday homes in Hungary are a must.


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