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For a versatile holiday you should go to Italy. The country offers you wonderful holiday opportunities and has a very rich history and beautiful natural landscapes. During a vacation in Italy you can get acquainted with many cultural attractions that are worth to visit. Along with the hospitable people and the delicious cuisine, Italy makes a great holiday destination. It is convenient before your departure to consider the practical aspects of traveling to Italy. This to make sure that you make the most of your holiday.

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Cheap Italy Holidays

Cheap Italy Holidays

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On the Beach

Beach Holiday

You can also enjoy a wonderful sun and beach holiday in Italy, where the sun usually shines. Areas such as Tuscany, the Venetian coastal area and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily are immensely popular every year. For youth, Rimini is the beach resort in Italy where everything revolves around parties and events during your holiday. Rimini is also great to just enjoy a holiday lying in the sun on the several kilometers long sandy beach.


What makes a camping in Italy so attractive? Her city’s, the typical Italian dishes and the customs? First, of course there is the fantastic climate. The South of Italy is called the “land of the midday sun”. Each camping site in Italy is different because of the enormous diversity in landscapes. Visit our Camping page for even more camping agencies.

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City Trip Milan, Rome and Venice – Rome is considered as one of the busiest cities in the world with nearly 4.5 million inhabitants. When you are in a city trip through Rome, you imagine yourself in an open air museum. Churches, temples, museums, fountains; There are lots of things to see and admire. Don’t forget of course, to visit the Vatican.
Going to Milan on a city break, is highly  recommended for both culture- and fashion lovers. This fascinating city is home to many world-famous brands such as Versace and Prada. But there are also world famous works of art such as ‘ the last supper ‘ of Leonardo da Vinci.
A city break or weekend away in Venice is a very special experience in a unique city. Venice is a city mentioned by many as extremely romantic. This is due to the fact that you and your loved one can sail around in a gondola, operated by a gondolier, through the many canals.
Other beautiful cities to visit in Italy are: Bologna, Florence and Naples. On a city break to Florence you can also explore the rest of the beautiful Tuscany region. Visit our City Break page to find out more good agencies who offer city trips.

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Coach Holidays – Do you preferably go in groups on a holiday, than you can also choose for an all inclusive coach holiday. You depart with a comfortable touring car to Italy and make beautiful excursions every day. Along the way an expert driver and/or guide tells you all sorts of interesting tidbits and will introduce you to all aspects of the country.

Winter Sports – In the North of this fantastic country you can also do winter sports during the winter months. Visit our Ski & Snowboard page for all the possibilities.

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