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A holiday in Jamaica means white beaches, clear blue sea, green mountains and romantic sunsets. But it is also full of reggae, friendly people and a relaxed way of life. Jamaica is known as the land of the relaxed life. That does not mean that there is nothing to do for an active person during a holiday. Jamaica offers many possibilities for diving, golf and snorkeling. For the music lovers Jamaica is a paradise. There is not a street in the villages where you do not to hear the sound of reggae music.

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Especially for you we have selected several travel agencies offering superb holidays to the most beautiful places in Jamaica where you can be pampered or you can decide yourself how your holiday to Jamaica will look like. So take a look below at the various travel agencies and book your trip easy and safe to Jamaica online!

Cheap Jamaica Holidays

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Airline Tickets – Are you looking for cheap airline tickets for your holiday to Jamaica? Check out our airline tickets page and book your next flight to Jamaica fast and secure online.

Beach Holiday – The beaches in the north and west part of Jamaica have white sand, more to the south, the beaches are darker in color. To the north there are many coral reefs, making it a hotspot for diving enthusiasts. Scattered on the island are sandy beaches, bays and smaller beaches. You can swim with dolphins in different places. The azure water is on the east coast at Blue Lagoon slightly colder by the underground source. Montego Bay is the most popular resort in the country with beautiful beaches and a wide range of activities. Think of sailing, jet skiing, diving and other water activities. Montego Bay also has a wild nightlife. Ocho Rios and Negril both have a tropical atmosphere where you can relax under the sun. Jamaica has everything you need for an unforgettable holiday in the sun!

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Sights Jamaica – Do you like a good hiking trip? Then make sure you take the “hiking trails” in the Blue Mountain and the John Crow Mountain National Park. In this tropical rainforest you will see beautiful birds and you can climb the rocks at the Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios!
No woman, no cry – No woman, no cry. Do not shed no tears – Do not be sad. Understand the roots and rhythm of reggae of Jamaica’s most famous inhabitant ever; Bob Marley and visit the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston. This museum, in his former home, houses several interesting memorabilia and gives a very good picture of Bob Marley’s career and music.
Do you like rafting and boating? The Martha Brae and the Black River are the place to be for you! The Martha Brae is the longest river in Trelawny, and a rafting trip takes you past small settlements of the original inhabitants and along the Cave of Martha. Martha is rumored to have been an Arawak girl who has defeated the Spaniards with her supernatural powers. A boat trip on the Black River and the adjacent Wetland is a journey into the last area where crocodiles live in the wild. You have the opportunity to discover the special American crocodile which can be approximately 6 m long.

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