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Jordan Holidays – The beauty and splendor of Jordan will truly amaze you. Book a hotel in Ma’An, for example, and visit the historic city of Petra, where the houses are cut from pink-red rocks. Diving in the Red Sea or enjoying the Dead Sea is also a possibility. The warm climate and the beautiful surroundings are the perfect backdrop for an amazing holiday. So book a cheap holiday tour, beach holiday or airline ticket to Amman or Aqaba at one of the following online travel agencies.

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Beach Holiday – Jordan has perfect all year-round weather, a shining blue sea with a colorful underwater world and a great location relative to cultural attractions. This make the city of Aqaba a fantastic sun, sea and beach destination. So feel free to check the above listed travel agencies and book your next beach holiday to Aqaba safe and secure online.
Aqaba is the only seaside resort of Jordan, located at the Gulf of Aqaba in the south. It has a lively center, where you can dine at one of the many local restaurants and enjoy fun souvenirs at small shops and markets. Just outside of Aqaba is the resort town of Tala Bay, where you will find many luxury resorts located in a dream location.

Flights Tickets – If you want to get airline tickets to Jordan, make sure you check out the travel agencies listed above or check out our airline tickets page for cheap flights to Jordan.

Cheap Jordan Holidays

Holiday Tour – Traveling in Jordan offers incredible variety. You can start your tour in Madaba, which is a good alternative to the hectic and busy capital of Amman. Strolling through Jerash, an ancient Roman city, you will find theaters, temples, imposing city gates and squares lined with Ionian-style columns. In the Dead Sea, located at more than 400 meters below sea level, the water is so salty that you can float on the surface. Enjoy a delicious Arabic meal with salads, kofta’s, humus and large round breads in the evening. You can also try a water pipe on one of the many terraces.You can also visit the Dana Nature Reserve, which is an impressive mountainous area in Jordan, with many rock formations, where you can take in the beautiful scenery during a walk in the mountains. A must see in Jordan, is of course the beautiful pink city of Petra. Strolling through the long, high gorge, you will be amazed at the impressive ‘Treasure Room’, a 40 meter high-monument cut into the rock formation.Its up to you, how you want to explore the wadi of Jordan, Wadi Rum. By country cruiser, by camel or by foot. You can spend the night in a Bedouin tent or under the starry sky. The best thing is to end your holiday tour in Aqaba, where you can just be lazy at the beach, or snorkel among the multicolored fish.

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