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The green jungle country Laos, lies between Thailand to the east, Vietnam to the west, and the mighty China to the north. Laos is known for its Thundering waterfalls, vast rice fields and the mighty Mekong River, but also Cozy villages where monks gather in the early morning sacrifices. During a holiday tour in Laos, you will sleep in jungle cottages, colonial houses, a cozy guesthouse or a host family in a mountain village.

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A holiday in Laos stands for culture, Buddhism and beautiful nature. If you are planning for a beach holiday, Laos is not the country for you, because the country has no connection to the sea. In the north, Laos is bordered by Annam mountain range and in the west by the Mekong River.

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Cheap Laos Holidays

The Mekong River crosses the country over a length of 1800 km, and the fertile areas are almost all around this river. In the south lies the Belovens plateau. This high-fertile area is ideally suited for the cultivation of coffee. About 80% of the country consists of mountains and highlands.

Holiday Tour – Laos was one of the most isolated countries of southeast Asia, but this has changed over the years, so its perfect now to spend your next holiday. During your trip through Laos you will still find true traditional life, and the people are exceptionally kind and friendly. One of the places you should really visit during your stay there is the capital Vientiane, with its French colonial atmosphere, or enjoy the numerous temples in the historic royal city of Luang Prabang, which is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, during a private trip.

Cheap Laos Holidays
Airline Tickets – The distance from the north to the south of Laos is quite large. You can travel this by bus or boat, but if you have less time and a larger budget you can also choose domestic flights to travel around in Laos. Vientiane has the largest airport, but Luang Prabang or Phonsovan also have airports. Domestic flights with Lao Airlines, can be booked at at one of our ticket sites mentioned at JPR Travel.

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