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This volcanic island is located in the Atlantic Ocean about 700 kilometers from the coast of Africa. Geographically Madeira belongs to Africa, but on the island flies the Portuguese flag. It is renowned for its friendly people, the Madeira wine, the spectacular landscape with deep valleys and high mountains, rugged coastline and a subtropical climate.

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The warm Gulf Stream ensures this mild climate so you can enjoy the flower-covered island, rightly called the “island of flowers” throughout the year. Check out the travel agencies listed below and book your holiday to Madeira fast and secure online!

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Sights – The people of Madeira call their island “the floating garden” for a good reason, because the island is full of exotic and rare plants. Many gardens are open to the public, and the Botanical Gardens and Quinta do Palheiro in the hills of Funchal are the most famous. Many villages in Madeira are worth visiting because of their medieval character and architecture. How about Camacha, famous for its wicker cane, or how about Porto Moniz, a village on the northwest coast, with volcanic pools where you can swim.

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Are looking for stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the coastline? You should travel to Ponta de São Lourenço. The small village of Monte, which previously served as a health resort, has beautiful gardens overlooking Funchal. The capital of the island, which looks like an amphitheater sheltered by hills. The possibilities are endless and you can easily see the entire island during your stay. You should definitely visit the flower market of Funchal. Take a nature walk on the Paul da Serra plateau or walk along the narrow footpaths along the many levadas (irrigation canals). Take a boat trip to the island of Porto Santo or a trip around the Ilhas The sertas (deserted islands).

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