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Malaysia offers besides sun, sea and beaches also large jungles and vast tea plantations for you to explore. Malaysia is a hugely diverse country and therefore guarantees a dynamic holiday tour. From the tropical rain forest of “Taman Negrara”, to the green hills and tea plantations of the Cameron Highlands. Interspersed with English ‘cottages’ and Old Dutch mansions. A tour of Malaysia is one of the true explorer. Check out the travel agencies listed below and book your holiday to Malaysia, easily and safe online!

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Malaysia is one of the most fun holiday destinations in the world. Many tourists who have visited this country will agree to this. There are lots of tourist resorts where you can enjoy many different activities. Malaysia is a safe and well-organized country. It makes the country suitable for every type of tourist (even for kids) as a holiday destination. You can either go there backpacking or you can stay in a 5 star hotel or resort. Visit several beautiful bounty islands in one holiday or visit the old and authentic jungle.

Airline Tickets – Are you looking for a cheap flight to Malaysia? Check out the above listed travel agencies. They offer tickets at very low prices. You can reserve the tickets for the flight quickly and easily at these agencies.

Holiday Tours – Virtually all tours through Malaysia begin in the capital Kuala Lumpur. A vibrant city where many cultures meet. On the one hand it is a city with ultramodern shopping centers. On the other hand it is very authentic with lively markets and narrow alleys and streets.
The authentic west coast is a must for a holiday tour in Malaysia. The population there, still holds on to the old traditions of the country. You must also visit the historic city of Penang. It has the second largest Buddha statue in the world. Stroll along The Street of Harmony where Chinese and Hindu temples are interspersed with churches and mosques. A more beautiful example of peaceful coexistence of different religions is hard to find. You can immerse yourself here in culture, tradition and harmony.
At the end of your trip you just have to let all the wonderful impressions sink in. Do this while you are lying on the beach on the island of Langkawi. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and the turquoise sea.
While enjoying the sun on the beach you have an amazing view of the beautiful interior of Langkawi. Here the jungle really has left its mark. The island has authentic villages where you can taste the spicy specialties of the country.

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Hotels – This asian country is known for its great price/performance ratio when it comes to hotels and resorts. There are thousands of hotels and resorts in the country, and also a huge range of guesthouses and B & B’s. The nice thing about Malaysia is that you have lots of good middle class hotels where you can stay for a very reasonable price.

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