Market Hall Rotterdam

Market Hall Rotterdam

The Market Hall in Rotterdam, is a residential and shopping complex located between the Hoogstraat, Binnenrotte and Blaak. Within the complex there are 228 apartments, nearly five thousand square meters of retail space, 1,600 m2 of catering space and a large indoor market.

Market Hall Rotterdam Ceiling
Market Hall Rotterdam Ceiling COPYRIGHT ROBIN UTRECHT

The shape of the building is perhaps particularly, but the inside is truly amazing! Artist Arno Coenen created the greatest work of art in the Netherlands: the Horn of Plenty. With its area of 11,000m2 and bright colors, it is not surprising that it is also called the Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam.

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Market Hall Rotterdam Apartments

Near where Rotterdam was founded in the year 1270, the recognizable arc shape of the Market Hall steadily took shape. During construction, large-scale excavations were done, and all kinds of medieval objects, from vases and tools to numerous cannonballs, were unearthed in the process. These objects can still be seen in the basement of the Market Hall.

Market Hall Rotterdam Second Floor

In the market hall you will always find what you are looking for. Because with 96 unique stalls and 20 shops and restaurants, the Market Hall is the most diverse food supplier throughout the Netherlands. So whoever you are and whatever you feel like eating, you can always visit the Market Hall.

Market Hall Rotterdam Outside

The indoor market is mainly aimed at supplying fresh food. The only solid market stall with products not directly intended for consummation, is the stall with flowers and plants. Everything else is focused on food and drinks, with various world cuisines, and virtually all conceivable ingredients are represented at the market.

Market Hall Rotterdam at night

Take note, that the Market Hall is closed at night!

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