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Do you want to take a nice holiday tour in the Middle East or are you looking for a very attractive last minute to, for example, Dubai or Israel?

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Top Holiday Destinations in the Middle East

Dubai is one of the seven United Arab Emirates and you are assured of a sunny holiday with an exotic touch. It has also the most modern and cosmopolitan city in the Middle East. Everywhere you look, you will see impressive skyscrapers, such as the impressive Burj al Arab hotel. And you’ve no doubt heard of the Palm Island with luxury holiday homes. Besides skyscrapers, luxurious top hotels and shopping arcades, Dubai also has traditional souks, a relaxing oriental atmosphere and friendly hospitable people.

Israel is a beautiful and sunny destination for a beach holiday at the Red Sea, and is also an ideal country to make an unforgettable tour and visit for example, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and several destinations around the Sea of Galilee. Make sure you also take a float on the Red Sea.Cheap Airline Tickets Middle EastJordan – If you love culture, then you should definitely take a trip to this beautiful country. During a tour you will visit Jordan’s capital Amman, the ancient dry riverbed and rugged rock formations of Wadi Rum and of course the eighth World Wonder Petra. Make sure you end your trip in the port city and seaside resort of Aqaba, so you can have a few wonderful days there enjoying the Red Sea.

Oman – This Sultanate has everything to surprise even the most demanding tourist. From strolling in the ancient Muscat, to the tropical green oases with white beaches in Salalah. Rough rocks, gorges and cliffs guarantee an unforgettable spectacle in the Hajjar Mountains and in the Wahiba Sands, you are warmly welcomed by nomadic Bedouins. The oldest and most impressive fortress of Oman can be found in Nizwá and in the wadis you can witness a lush green oasis with colorful birds.

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