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Mongolia consists of vast grasslands, deserts, mountain ranges and colored white nomadic tents that stand out against a bright blue sky. Less well known is perhaps that the country is also rich in wildlife, including camels, gazelles, argali sheep, deer, mountain goats, bears and of course the famous Przewalski horse.

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Holiday Tour – A holiday tour through Mongolia is a unique and active trip for nature lovers. During the tour, you have much contact with the particular locals. The nights are mostly spent in tent- and ger- (nomadic tents) camps to fully enjoy nature. The sanitation is almost non-existent, at the camps, but some days you also spent the night in comfortable hotels in the cities.

During the flight to Ulaanbaatar you instantly get acquainted with the vast deserts and grasslands of Mongolia. In the green Khustai Nuruu national park you can travel on foot or on horseback in search of Przewalski’s horses.

You can create a multi-day hike in Khogno Khan, where desert, mountains and steppe landscapes, come together. A hike of two days through the Orkhon valley grasslands, pine forests and flowery valleys is also an option. A journey through the Gobi desert, what has been crossed for centuries by yak and camel caravans laden with tea and silk, should definitely be on your list of things to do in Mongolia. The nature of the Gurvansaikhan national park is also a highlight. Climb to the top of the sand dunes of Khongoryn Els and listen to the thunderous sound of the moving sand.

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