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Enchanted Myanmar really speaks to the imagination to many travelers, and was until not long ago completely closed off to the outside world. Meanwhile, the country has opened its borders to foreign visitors and the time has come for you to visit former Burma, one of Asia’s best kept secrets with many unique attractions. A holiday to this country can also be combined with other Asian destinations such as Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. So check out the travel agencies listed below and book your next holiday to Myanmar safe and secure online.

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Cheap Myanmar Holidays

Cheap Myanmar Holidays

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Myanmar has many highlights including the sprawling temple area in Bagan, part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List, the perched Inle Lake, with its refreshing climate, beautiful monasteries, small villages and floating gardens, and nearby Kalaw where there is a special elephant sanctuary.

Airline Tickets – If you’re looking for a cheap flight to Myanmar then check out the above listed travel sites, because tickets (including China Airlines and Cathay Pacific) are offered there at very low prices. You can reserve the tickets for a flight, quickly and easily at these websites. Visit our airline tickets page to view more options and offers for cheap flights.

Hotels – The hotel choice is fully adjustable to your preference, although hotels in Myanmar have its limitations. At each location you usually have the choice of staying in a standard tourist class (3 stars) or superior class (4-star or boutique) accommodation. Myanmar has only recently opened its doors to international tourism and therefore there is not much lodging choice at the moment.

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Tours – Besides cultural wealth, Myanmar also has much natural beauty to offer. You can make a unique trek in the mountains and sleep at the local Palaung population. This is really special for them, because they see few Westerners. People from abroad are not tourists, but guests.
The Bagan temple area consists of thousands of impressive temples, because successive kings tried to outdo each other with ever more beautiful temples. On the Inle Lake, you can take a boat trip so you will be able to see the famous leg rowers. While they are at the back of their boat, they move the oar with one leg so they have both arms free for fishing.

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