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In Oman you will be enchanted by unspoiled deserts, lush oases and impressive mountain scenery that enriches this country.

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The ancient cities with castles, forts and mosques, make you feel like you traveled back in time. In these cities you will be welcomed by the friendly people living there, and you can visit the characteristic souks, where you can buy special souvenirs.

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Beach Holiday – The pearly white beaches of Oman are not only a wonderful thing to see, but they are also ideal for relaxing. Active people can enjoy the crystal clear seawater of Oman, where breathtaking snorkeling spots show the most tropical fish and plants. A unique experience during your beach holiday in Oman is a tour per dhow. This traditional sailing boat brings you along breathtaking fjords, and the chances are you will end up in the middle of a group of jumping dolphins.

Flight Tickets – At the above listed travel agencies you can get cheap airline tickets from, for example, Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways to Muscat, Salalah and Khasab. Visit our Flight Tickets page for more providers of cheap airline tickets.Cheap Oman HolidaysHoliday Tour – During a holiday tour, we highly recommend you to visit one of the most beautiful wadi’s of Oman, the ‘Wadi Bani’, where you can swim in azure water, surrounded by a lush green oasis. Further down lies the beautiful imposing desert ‘Wahibi Sands’, where you can travel through in a 4WD, to overcome meter-high dunes. You can even choose to spend the night in a Bedouin tent, enjoying a stunningly beautiful starry sky in the evening.
A visit to the capital Muscat is of course a must! This fairy-tale capital has many white domes, mosaics and ancient gates that make this one of the most beautiful cities of the Middle East. During your visit to Muscat, make sure you stroll through the maze-like streets, where you will find beautiful shops and picturesque restaurants. The great pride of Muscat is the imposing ‘Grand Mosque’, where you can walk through the beautiful prayer hall, decorated with ceramics and mosaics, after which you can take a walk through the flowery garden.

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