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Polar Holidays – Are you looking for a different kind of holiday than your standard beach holiday in Europe? Why not try out the Polar regions, like Antarctica (South Pole) or Greenland, because the vast polar landscapes of the Arctic (northern) or Antarctic (southern) area will fascinate you during a Polar holiday, which can be found at one of the following online travel agencies.

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Alaska – A world of magnificent beauty, where the sun does not set during the summer. Huge glaciers, deep fjords and vast tundra’s make up the landscape in Alaska. You can also find caribou, wolves and grizzly bears.

Antarctica – Would you like to take an expedition to the South Pole and enjoy the wildlife, with albatrosses, penguins, whales and seals? Make sure to check out the online travel agencies listed above and book your next holiday to the coldest continent on earth. You will be able to visit the scientific stations in Antarctica, walk on glaciers, and kayak between the icebergs. You can also book trips to the Falkland Islands, Cape Horn, South Georgia or Tierra del Fuego.

Canada – In the Canadian state of Yukon you may experience the Northern light. In northern Canada, the chance to see this natural wonder is great, during the spring and autumn. During a tour of western Canada you get a chance to see spectacular waterfalls, climatic rivers, azure lakes, glaciers and vast coniferous forests. In the rugged Rocky Mountains you can enjoy hiking, mountain biking or horse riding.

Greenland – This largest island in the world is a true polar paradise and if you book a trip at one of the travel agencies on our website, you can go whale watching on a cruise ship, and see walruses, robben and seals on the beaches, and many bird species that populate the cliffs. With luck, you’ll even see a polar bear on the vast white plains.

Iceland – During a tour you will discover the special thermal nature of Iceland with geological areas such as Myvatn, the crater rocks at Lakagígar, the geothermal field Namaskard, the crater Eldborg and the world’s best known geyser; Geysir. Of course, you must also visit Reykjavik and the most famous volcano of Iceland, Hekla.

Lapland – In most cases, you have to fly to Lapland with Finnair. Lapland is an extensive and rugged area that is largely above the polar circle. Embark on a tour with a sled dog team, snowmobile or cross country skiing to explore the beautiful surroundings and get acquainted with the fascinating culture of the Sami, the original population.

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Spitsbergen – If you want to travel to this northwestern Scandinavian archipelago, where only two thousand people live, make sure to book your holiday at one of the above listed travel agencies. The eighty islands of Spitsbergen are very inhospitable and pure nature, and were discovered in 1596 by Willem Barentsz. Before that, he stranded on Nova Zembla, when he was looking for an alternative route to the Far East and gave the island group her name. The current Norwegian islands, of which Longyearbyen is the capital, are very popular with tourists because of the pristine nature and whales swimming in the ‘warmer’ waters just off the coast.

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