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Romania is a country to explore and the culture is abundant. You will find beautiful old towns. Here it seems time stood still, imposing castles and ruins, and painted monastery churches which are listed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

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In the delta region there a many pelican colonies and in the mountains you can take long walks. On the coast there are numerous resorts and folklore is still alive. It is also the country of Dracula. Listed below are several inexpensive travel agencies, where you can book an apartment, hotel, holiday tour, beach holiday or ski and snowboard holiday in Romania.

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Holiday Tour – A holiday in Romania is a journey through beautiful landscapes. It’s the melting pot of cultures in the Balkans, culminating in the beautiful and mysterious Transylvania. Besides Dracula, werewolves and vampires you will find a beautiful nature and culture. You can walk through archaic Transylvania, country of picturesque villages, see old churches, visit beautiful towns like Sigisoara and Turgu Mures and watch gently rolling green hills at the foot of the rugged Carpathian Mountains.

You can travel through Romania and learn the unprecedented bird richness of the Danube Delta and the lagoons, hills and beaches of the Black Sea. During your holiday tour of Romania you can enjoy silence, natural beauty, and hospitality. In this country has little changed after the fall of communism. Visit our Holiday Tours page for more information about travel agencies offering holiday tours to Romania.

City Break Bucharest – The Romanian capital Bucharest is a place where past and present coexist very closely. Everywhere you go, the city is haunted by the spirits of the past through the streets and squares. Despite the fact that some fires and natural disasters, razed large parts of the historic buildings, a significant portion of it has survived the disasters. Today, they still define a large part of the character of the city. Furthermore Bucharest is known as a great city to go out at night. If you opt for a cozy drink in one of the many pubs and bars, or you prefer dancing in one of the trendy clubs, you can.

Cheap City Trip Bucharest
Airline Tickets– Visit our airline tickets page, if you cannot find the right tickets for your holiday or business trip to Bucharest, Constanta, Kogalniceanu or Timisoara. You will certainly find a ticket from KLM, Turkish Airlines, Wizz Air or any other airline to Romania.

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