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Saudi Arabia Holidays

Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of the Arab culture, and a great place to visit for a holiday. It is a beautiful country with so much more to see than just an endless and dry desert. So make sure to visit the online travel agencies listed below, because there you can book hotels and also airline tickets to Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabia Holidays

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In Saudi Arabia you will find dazzling oases, dramatic mountain peaks, beaches and rivers. In addition, the kingdom has an incredible amount of cultural heritage, with more than 11.000 archaeological sites alone.
You almost literally travel through time, from a million years ago to the emergence of Islam and the palaces of Arab Sheiks. As the birthplace of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Saudi Arabia is home to the two holiest places in the Islamic world: the Great Mosque in Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. These places attract millions of people every year, especially during Hajj, although these special places are unfortunately forbidden for non-Muslims.

Saudi Arabia Holidays

At many other historical sites you are welcome to go during your holiday, such as the northern city of Al ‘Ula. With 800 packed mud and stone houses of more than two thousand years old, this lost city is at least as magnificent as Petra in Jordan. In cosmopolitan cities like Riyadh and Jeddah, you can dine or shop in modern shopping centers and traditional souks.

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