South America Holidays – Tourism, Hotels and Packages

South America consists of many countries and within its borders, different communities. You can take individual tours in Suriname, group or private tours in Brazil (make sure you visit Brazil during Carnival), Ecuador and Peru, take a cruise to the Galapagos Islands, or private tours or car trips for the experienced driver in Chile and Argentina.

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Holiday Tour – In South America, you will find, besides the vast salt plains, rugged mountains, misty rain forests and beautiful beaches. In short, this part of the world offers so much beauty during a tour. The above mentioned travel agencies offer various tours to this continent. Whether you want to wander independently through this continent or in groups with a tour guide, they offer tours through South America in all shapes and sizes. They offer both group tours, individual tours, single trips and family holidays. Visit our holiday tours page for more travel agencies who offer beautiful tours worldwide.

City Breaks – In this part of the world you can take beautiful city breaks. Visit for example the cities of Buenos Aires, Montevideo or Rio de Janeiro.

Beach Holiday – On this continent, Brazil is the best destination for a beach holiday. If you can’t find the perfect holiday to Brazil at the above listed travel agencies, check out our beach holiday page for more sun, sea and beach destinations.

Flights – Check out the above listed travel agencies or our airline tickets page. Order cheap tickets for your flight to Bogota, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Rio de Janeiro and Paramaribo.

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