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Suriname is an exciting country that lies between the Atlantic Ocean and Brazil. The country has jungles, Indians, mountains over 1200 meters high, and innumerable rivers. The capital Paramaribo, with its wooden houses and attractions is the perfect gateway to the rest of Suriname. The country also has amazing waterfalls, impressive rapids, beautiful tropical flora, impressive fauna and a fantastic varied cuisine. Check out the travel agencies listed below and book your next holiday fas and secure online.

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Cheap Suriname Holidays

Cheap Suriname Holidays

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Airline Tickets Suriname – At the above listed travel agencies or on our airline tickets page you can order cheap flights to Paramaribo.

Holiday Tours – If you want to combine culture and nature, then a holiday tour in Suriname is made for you. Despite its location in South America, the country has a Caribbean character with a colorful, multicultural population. In addition, more than eighty percent of the country is covered with forests. For those who really want to see something of the country, touring in Suriname is the right choice.
A holiday to this country is the perfect choice if you enjoy impressive nature parks and forests. Check out the many beautiful birds, butterflies and waterfalls, in natural park Brownsberg, or enjoy a ride in a “canoe” (dugout) through the rainforest. Another activity is spotting turtles that come to the Surinamese beaches every year to lay their eggs. A spectacle that you don’t want to miss.

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Paramaribo – Two thirds of the entire population of Suriname lives in Paramaribo, the only real city of the country. A holiday in this country without visiting the capital is actually unthinkable. Visit the Central Market for example, the largest covered market in the Caribbean, with countless colorful stalls where everything is sold. You can also enjoy the terraces at the Independence Square, where locals serve the most diverse dishes, and you can eat under the almond trees. Paramaribo is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Curious about this swinging city? Check out the travel agencies listed above, and book your holiday to Paramaribo easily online.

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