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Sweden Holidays

Discover all that Sweden has to offer. From beautiful nature in the middle of Stockholms to shopping in the trendiest stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Besides Swedish fashion and design, you can also enjoy the Swedish culture, museums and local food.

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Cheap Sweden Holidays

In Sweden you can go for an active outdoor holiday, exciting tours, city breaks, skiing or skating, and Sweden is ideal for holidays with children. You can stay in modern and comfortable hotels, a campsite or in your own cottage on a beautiful Swedish lake. So check out the travel agencies listed below and book your holiday to Sweden safe and secure online.

Cheap Sweden Holidays

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Accommodations – Where can you stay during your holiday in Sweden? In Sweden accommodations come in all shapes and sizes. Cool on a bed of ice, or see life with a bird’s-eye view from a bed in a treehouse. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sleep behind bars? Stay in a hotel what was once an authentic 19th century prison, but converted to a hotel. Or live like a prince in an elegant estate or in a monastery from the year 1420.
You can find a variety of accommodations to fit every taste and pocketbook in Sweden. There are plenty of excellent hotels in all price ranges, but if you prefer a more modest residence, you can go there. You can stay the night in a big city or in a village high in the mountains. In a stately castle or in a summerhouse. In a tent at the campsite or in a room at the farm. With room service or in a sleeping bag. In Sweden, the choice is yours!

City Break Stockholm

Do you like medieval towns, hospitality and beautiful surroundings? Then a city break to Stockholm is definitely worth visiting. Stockholm is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe. You will find beautiful boulevards, and because of its unique geographical location this city has a nice romantic atmosphere. The 700 year old city is spread out over fourteen islands, overlooking the Baltic Sea. Discover Stockholm by bicycle, tram, on foot or by boat and enjoy all the beautiful buildings, and natural beauty. A Stockholm city break is more than worth it!

Cheap City Break Stockholm

During a city break in Stockholm, shoppers can also enjoy themselves plenty. The best place to go shopping is in Solna, which is the modern part of Stockholm. When you are looking for a trendy restaurant or a suitable pub, you can find plenty of places in Södermalm. In addition to the many restaurants and attractions Stockholm has to offer, it’s also a city where you can explore the renowned nightlife. The club scene in Stockholm is internationally acclaimed.

Ski and Snowboard Holiday – You can find the best ski resorts in Sweden at the Riksgränsen (the national border), which is located in the far north, above the Arctic Circle along the spine formed by the Swedish mountains in the northwest and then further east in the province of Dalarna. Because of their northern location, most of the resorts have definitely snow between Christmas and Easter. So you can ski or snowboard in Sweden with the backdrop of the midnight sun and the kaleidoscopic world of the northern lights. Where else in the world can you do that? You can also take a snowmobile safari with a guide through pristine Swedish Lapland which is an experience that brings you into ecstasy. Snow, vast white plains and a small group of adventurers.

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