The 4 Best Pubs in Belfast!

The 4 Best Pubs in Belfast!

While enjoying your holiday in Belfast, its a must to visit at least one pub there. Northern Ireland is renowned for its pubs, which dates back to the middle ages, when they were still called taverns or inns.

The Garrick Bar Is one of the best Bars in Belfast

Nowadays, its a meeting place for people to enjoy a few pints(0.5l) of beer, while watching a game of soccer or rugby displayed on the TV sets in the pub. Since you will only stay a few days in Belfast during your holiday, with your partner or friends, we decided to keep the list of best pubs in Belfast small, so you could actually visit them all if you wanted. So check out the pubs listed below, and let us know in the comments if you enjoyed your visits to the pubs (If you can still remember, that is) and your stay in Belfast!

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1) One of the most popular pubs in Belfast is the legendary pub, The Crown Liquor Saloon. Its been around since 1826, and is considered Belfast’s greatest landmark. Its located at 46 Great Victoria St, Belfast, County Antrim, and its one of Belfast’s oldest pub. The interior is Victorian, and the windows are stained. The pub is famous for its snugs(booths), to give the visitor some privacy. So if you want to get a nice pint of beer, and some fish and chips, make sure you visit this amazing pub!

The Crown Liquor Saloon Snugs

2) Another great authentic pub to visit with your friends while on holiday in Northern Ireland, is Kelly’s Cellar, which is located at 30-32 Bank St, Belfast. This pub has been around since 1720, and it hasn’t changed much during all this time. Its famous for its musical heritage, and Irish musicians often come there to play a few tunes during a session on either Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 20:30 on. So if you are into Irish music, make sure to visit the bar on one of those days! Besides enjoying a good pint of Guinness, you must try out the stew.

Kelly’s Cellar in Belfast

3) If you like authenticity, you have to try out The Errigle Inn, which is located at 312-320 Ormeau Rd, Belfast. The pub was established in 1935 and it has 5 bars, and 26 screens, where you can enjoy a live game of rugby, soccer, or a horse race. It has over 20 different kinds of beers on tap like Guinness, Carlsberg, and Peroni. Besides getting a good drink, you can also get some nice food there, and the service is great. So if you are into sports, and Guinness, make sure you try this amazing bar!

The Errigle Inn Belfast

4) Last but not least we want to point you to another great pub where you can watch soccer, and rugby games. The Garrick pub is located at 29 Chichester St, Belfast, and it has been around since 1870. Its a very traditional and cosy pub, where you can enjoy a nice pint of beer, together with some great food. They have a great assortments of beers, which is served by the very friendly staff. They have an upstairs room, where you can host private parties, or meetings. So try out this bar, for a nice evening of enjoying live sports and beers!

One of our commenters on Facebook added 4 more bars you should visit! They are The Harp , The Spaniards, The Botanic , and the Morning Star which are equally as good!

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