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Tirana is the capital city of Albania. It’s origins date back to at least the third century AD, because Roman remains have been found in downtown Tirana. In the middle ages Albania was captured by the Ottomans. In that time Tirana was turned into an Ottoman town with a mosque and a Turkish bath.

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Until the 20th century, Albania stayed part of the Ottoman empire until in 1912 it declared its independence. In 1920 Tirana became the temporary capital city until 1925, when it became permanent. During the second World War, Albania was occupied by the Italians and Germans. In 1944 it was liberated by the Communists from the Communist Party which was founded in 1941 in Tirana. After the fall of Communism in 1991 it took a long time before the centrally planned economy was turned into a market economy.

Tirana Holidays

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Tirana is located in the middle of Albania and has a population of around 750.000 people. It has many historical buildings, monuments and other landmarks and several museums, and parks. The city has a humid subtropical climate, and the average temperature is around 21 degrees with temperatures reaching 32 degrees Celsius in the summer and 2 degrees Celsius in the winter.
The easiest way to travel to this city is by plane, where you land at the Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza (named after Mother Theresa in 2001), located 11 km outside Tirana, and take a cab or bus into the capital. You can also visit Tirana by car coming from one of its neighboring countries Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro or Kosovo. You can even get there by first taking a ferry from Italy to the Port of Durrës and take a cab or bus from there to the capital. Check out all the ways to travel inside and ways to travel to Tirana at Wikitravel by clicking here!

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When visiting Tirana you need a place to sleep of course. The kind of accommodation all depends on what you want. If you visit this capital on a business trip you will likely be spending your time in one of the hotels in the city. If you come to just enjoy your holiday, there are several other ways to spend your time there.
There are several campsites just outside Tirana where you can stay for cheap prices. You can also stay in a cheap apartment in the city and pay for your own meals and drinks all day and don’t have to get out of bed too early for breakfast. Or stay in a more luxurious hotel where breakfast is included in the price. For young people on a round trip of the Balkans for instance, a hostel is also a cheap way to spend a few days in Tirana.

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Tirana Park on the Artificial Lake – The artificial park and lake were created in 1955-1956 which was based on a Bulgarian plan. The park is situated in the southern part of the city and is 230 hectares. The Tirana Zoo, an amphitheathre, the Presidential Palace and the Saint Procopius Church (after which the park was first called) are also situated in the park.

The lake is very popular among fishermen and swimmers. A 400 meter long dam keeps the water from flowing into the city. From the moment it was created, the park suffered from litter and crime. In 2008 a plan was created to modernize the park, but this means that a lot of the green areas will be destroyed including the botanical garden.

Tirana Park

Rinia Park – The park was built in the center in 1950 and covers almost 30 hectares. Its a great place to hang out with the family, or stroll on the boulevards with your loved one. The park has a large fountain next to the Taivani, a Swiss terrace restaurant, which has his own bowling center. After the fall of communism in 1991, the park turned into an illegal housing complex, where drug lords and drug dealers hung out. In 2000, these 130 plus buildings were all torn down during the big clean up and the park was replanted.

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Ali Demi Skate Park – Just outside of the city is a Skate park with many beginner ramps. Here you can enjoy a nice day skating or biking. Next to the skate park is a green park where you can just enjoy the weather. There is also a playground for small children and several soccer fields. You can also get your groceries and enjoy a nice cup of coffee at the nearby market and coffee shop.

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