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On this page you will find all possible train journeys within and outside Europe. So if you don’t feel like spending a long time in the car or bus and still want to see something of the environment you are traveling through, choose a comfortable holiday by train.

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Alp Express – With the Alp Expres you will not be bothered by traffic jams, bad weather conditions or long dark nights. You can enjoy a book and a drink in your own compartment with a bed traveling to the snow in, for example, the Austrian Kitzbühel, St. Johan in Tirol and Zell am See or to the Italian winter sports areas at Campitello, Canazei and Selva.

City Trips – You can also visit many beautiful European cities by train, such as Antwerp, Berlin, London or Milan. In addition to the train ticket at the above websites, you can also book your hotel right away.

Interrail & Passes – Travel Europe with a limited budget by InterRailing and visit countries such as Great Britain, Romania and the Czech Republic. You can also visit the best music festivals and unique cultural events in countries such as Germany, France and Spain. You can order the InterRail Global Pass from some of the websites above to travel flexibly by train in 30 European countries or order an InterRail One Country Pass to explore your favorite European country.

Rail Tour – Travel by Amtrak through the United States, “The Ghan” through Australia, the supersonic Japanese trains, the Shongololo train safari in Southern Africa or even around the world by train. Or take a trip on one of the legendary trains such as the Orient Express, the Royal Scotsman or the “Journey through the Clouds”. Within Europe, train journeys within England, Scotland and Switzerland are highly recommended.

Sleeping Car – The sleeper train takes you through Europe at night and gives you the ultimate holiday feeling when you board the train. Say goodbye to traffic jams, endless hours in the backseat, crowded gas stations! The sleeper train is comfortable and stress-free and takes you while you sleep to Northern Italy and Slovenia from where you can reach your holiday destination in the Côte d´Azur, Croatia, Sardinia or Tuscany. You can enjoy your own coupe, a changing landscape, a nice drink at hand and plenty of room to stretch your legs.
Cyclists can take their bicycle on a special bicycle rack with this train. If you are going to your holiday destination without a car, motorcycle or bicycle, there are also extra boarding and disembarking options.

Cheap Train Travel

Train Tickets – You can also order separate train tickets (including group tickets) from various websites, including the DB Bahn, British Rail and NMBS, for example to Amsterdam, Basel, Brussels or Paris. You can then travel quickly and cheaply from one place to another within Europe by Eurostar, ICE, Fyra, Thalys or other train.

Trans Siberia Express – Enjoy among others the Siberian Taiga, immense rivers, the daily Russian life on the train, Lake Baikal, the clear blue skies of Mongolia, the Gobi desert, nomad tents, herds of camels, three cultures, the Chinese Wall and kitchen of three different countries in dining cars during this world famous train journey. In addition to the Trans Siberia Express, you can also choose the Transmongolia Express, Transmanturia Express, North Korea Express and the Tibet Express.

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